Top 8 exercises fat on the back

Want to get rid of fat on back? The harsh reality is that you can't lose weight only in those places that have set for ourselves. But you can strengthen muscles in problem areas and this, together with the development of all other parts of the body will help you to get rid of all the junk. Slimming in the back, and not only will best help komiksnye the following exercises. "If you have sagging back muscles have lost tone, perhaps in his training you not enough time was given to the strengthening of the broad back muscles, says fitness expert and celebrity trainer Kira Stokes. — We are always more concerned with what we see in the mirror that is our front part of the body. On the back we usually think in last turn".

Sun salutations are a very important part of the training program, and not only from an aesthetic point of view. Study of this region strengthens posture.

"Your posture depends not only on the lower back, but from the top too, including the shoulders, says Stokes, a Bad posture can create the visual effect of the presence of fat on the back, even if in fact it is not there. Few minutes, is paid to the spinal cord to the muscles during exercise will strengthen the back and give you the kind of confident person".



Check out the most effective exercises for strengthening back muscles and get rid of problem areas.


1. PullThis weapon No. 1 in the fight against flabby back.

"When women hear the word "pullups", they begin to worry, because these exercises seem quite difficult to execute, says Stokes. But there are also many other movements that simulate pull-UPS".

This rather simple way strength training will allow you to train the back, both in the gym and at home.

"Your back is composed of many separate muscle and pull-UPS are all-encompassing exercise that tones and strengthens all of them," emphasizes Kira Stokes.

If you're able to perform pull-UPS with straight grip with the fingers facing away from you, this is the perfect option to work the lateral muscles and back muscles.

Pull on the bar with reverse grip is considered a simplified version of the exercise, but in this case, your back will be involved in the work. But this option is still a large part of the load on the biceps, so he takes the second place.

A few tips on how to modify a classic pull-UPS:

1) Reverse pull-UPS. Install the rod in the rack in the down position, and pull it out of reclining position on the floor. Exercise should start from the top point (chin over the fretboard), then slowly apocalyse down. Fight gravity, try to fall as slowly as possible.

2) Pullups in gravitron. "In every good gym has a trainer for pull-UPS with a counterweight, but not everyone knows how to use it. Do not hesitate to seek the advice of an instructor is a great tool for pull-UPS, if you can't do with their own weight," notes Stokes.

3) Pull UPS from TRX bands. "This is an amazing exercise for upper back and deltas in General, for large back muscles, says Kira Stokes. — All you need is ribbon TRX, which are available in most clubs".

 2. Thrust dumbbell , Put one knee on a bench or other convenient elevation, the other foot on the floor; one hand rest on the bench opposite take a light dumbbell (1.5-2 kg). Hand with the dumbbell pull back, bending at the elbow and drawing a straight line, then return down, fully straightening the arm.

Make a set of 12 repetitions, then change arms and knee.


3. Thrust dumbbells in the slope Take a plank position, arms extended straight. In each hand grab a dumbbell (weight 1.5-2 kg). Alternately pull the dumbbell to chest on straight lines, bending the arm at the elbow and straining the upper back and the Delta.


4. Exercise TYI Lie on the floor on their tummy, or balance on gym ball; in each hand, hold the dumbbells weighing 1.5 kg. Tighten your back and lift your chest off the floor. Raise your hands up through sides up, hold your body in position T units, lock onto. Then move hands to your body resembled the letter Y units, lock onto. Move your hands and accept the position I (premie hands above the head relate to each other).

Such movements excellent coaching back of the Delta, which are an integral part of the beautiful back.

5. The pushup Is a basic exercise primarily trains the chest, but also considered an excellent exercise for the back.

"Take a standard pushup position (hands on the floor, a distance slightly more than shoulder width). When you fall down, with straining muscles, the work included and your back, says Kira Stokes. — So go down slowly and as low as possible. Softservices at the bottom of the exercise for 3 seconds, then slowly rise up, fully straightening the arms".


6. Jumping rope , "you may give the impression that the work involved only the legs and shoulders, says Stokes. But actually, the back is also accounted for a large share of the load. In addition, jumping rope is a great cardio workout, which burns complex fat in your body."


7. Back training on the bike , "did You notice that in the gym exercise bikes for upper body are usually empty? I'm with maniacal dedication to exercise it on such a machine is a great exercise for the triceps and back, says Stokes. Try to pedal in the opposite direction, and you will feel your back muscles start to work more."


8. Training on rowing machine Is the reason why rowing machines are very popular nowadays: they are well train your back muscles and give them tone.

You can work out at the gym on sports equipment or take some classes on rowing and ride the wave on the fresh air.


Plyometrics and cardio To strengthen training of Kira Stokes recommends doing plyometric movements after each exercise — to work the same muscles, but more rapidly.

"If you want your upper part was quite movable, perform active dynamic movement for the back," says the trainer to the stars.

When you complete a set of any of the above exercises for about 30 seconds, throw medicine balls: lift 5-pound medicine balls overhead, pulling back and lateral muscles, and then, straining the muscles of the back, throw it as hard as possible. You engage in the work of the back muscles, speeding up his heartbeat — it activates the fat burning process.

Do 3 sets of these exercises 2-3 times a week, or choose some of the most favorite movements and focus on them. With a strong, toned back you will find a beautiful posture and even will look a little higher. published

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