Construction of modular homes: the pitfalls

Almost everyone tend sometimes to dream about their own house. A good half of dreamers want to spend as little money as possible. One of the options for saving money on construction – modular technology, which, as usual, has its pros and cons.

Modular homes are buildings erected from the designs of factory production. Usually, contractors are starting work with objects that are ready to 75-90% and the building is completely erected within two working weeks. Such a short construction period due to the fact that almost all modules are brought to readiness for another phase of production.

Large elements of the modular homes are made with all the technical and architectural requirements and wishes of the customer. On the construction site work confined to pouring the Foundation and connections to utilities.

This time I want to draw your attention to the nuances and possible pitfalls of this technology.

Configuration modules


The maximum dimensions of the modules from different companies can be different, which can be determined and technological capabilities of the enterprise (eg, 4,5*12 m, 3*12, 3*8 m). Some manufacturers ceiling panels, bases and wall panels made of cold-formed steel profile rolling. Plating is either galvanized profiled sheet with a polymer coating.

Other vendors in the Foundation design put wooden beams, sheathed with OSB, as in frame houses. In another case the wall is insulated, like "canadian home."

Advantages of modular technology


Modules for home in 120 square meters. m are manufactured at the plant for 2-4 weeks – both times while preparing the Foundation. The building of a single module assembled in 40 minutes, several – from one day to one week.

When you create a modular home almost the entire construction process takes place in the workplace. This significantly reduces production time and reduces the total final cost, compared to traditional technologies. It also reduces to a minimum time of active work actually on the site of the customer.

The cost of a modular home ranges from $220/kV. m, depending on the trim and filling. It has a 120-foot cottage will cost from $26.4 thousand



Life. First, I would like to find out how long such a cheap house, built to the same 3 days. Just this is the main problem for implementing such construction technologies, experts say. Wireframe building in Russia is underdeveloped, and therefore, the real practices in this segment no. Ie real "warranty period" of buildings is not known. Especially in our climate failure to comply with all building technologies building may not last the season. However, in turn, the architects note that quality built modular home can last for a long time – 50-70 years.

A typical layout.


The disadvantages of technology can be attributed to the height restrictions of buildings – maximum 2 storeys. In this case, according to experts, the restrictions on the architectural diversity of homes is not so great: a modular technology can be implemented most typical places for our projects.

However, we must be prepared to all the features of mass production, for example, to ensure that your home will differ from the others only by the design of the facade. In principle, this is not a fatal disadvantage, into the difference between hand, individual construction of houses and more mass, factory, put on the conveyor.

Production costs


To the nuances of this technology can be attributed to the fact that the manufacture and Assembly of modular panels in Russia by Western technology sometimes differs from the prototype in quality, and not for the better. We must be prepared to factory marriage, which can negate all the speed in the Assembly or will manifest much later. So we need a responsible approach to the selection of the company for the construction of modular homes.

Insulation and ventilation


On the one hand, heating costs modular homes is approximately twice less than brick or log. On the other hand, given our climatic conditions with sharp temperature changes, insulation materials, experts warn, can be destroyed, and the house becomes uninhabitable in cold weather. Residents who operate a similar home, note that they do not "breath". In winter they cool enough, and stuffy in the summer. Therefore, the issue of insulation and ventilation should be given special attention.

Access roads and space for equipment


Still need to pay attention to the fact that the overall delivery of modules and their usage on the construction site, requires adequate access roads and space for equipment. If you have any trouble with this, then we need to solve them before the build and delivery.

Feedback from residents


Modular homes have not become widespread in Russia, making it quite difficult to find someone who shared the experience of living in this house.

The purpose of this article is not to dissuade you from building a modular home, and to draw your attention to the details of this technology and help you to avoid mistakes in construction. published

Author: Aleksandra Smagina

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