The best exercises for maintaining proper posture

Working out back muscles, you need to pay attention to all its sections: the cervical, thoracic and lumbar.

The basic exercises for your back is bending, turning, stretching exercises and muscle tension.

Before exercise be sure to warm up your muscles: rotate the head, twist of torso in all directions.



Exercise # 1

Sit on the floor, cross your legs. Put your hands on the shoulders (left on left, right – right), at the same time make them five swings forward and backward. Bend forward, touch the floor with your elbows (if it turns out forearms).

Exercise # 2

Get on your knees. One hand lift up, take a second aside and make its circular motion ago. Adjust hands.



Exercise # 1

Stand up straight. Raising his hands up and pulling in his tummy, stretch on your toes. Feel the tension in the muscles of the back. Stand on full foot, slowly bend forward, clasp your hands, ankles, and maximum pull to your hips. Return to starting position.

Exercise # 2

Sit on the floor and lean on straight arms, set aside a little bit ago. Bend legs at the knees and lift the pelvis as high as possible, so that it forms a straight line with the spine. Slowly return to starting position.

Exercise # 3

Taking the emphasis lay, and lean on the outstretched arms to the torso and legs were on the same line. Slightly bend your knees and slowly take the left leg back. Then right – click. In addition to the back muscles, this exercise works on strengthening the glutes.

Exercise # 4

Lie on your stomach, keep your hands in front of him. Leaning on left hand, move your right arm back, tap her thigh. In the same side rotate the head. Repeat the exercise for the other hand.

Exercise # 5

Become the "house" (emphasis on the outstretched arms and straight legs, pelvis raised high). Head down. Walk in this position around the room. This "walk" will relax the back muscles.



Exercise # 1

Lie on the floor, arms along the body. Rotten back as high up as possible (as if trying to expand the chest). The head, shoulders and buttocks remain firmly pressed to the floor. Hold this position for 5 seconds.

Exercise # 2

Runs from the same initial position. Relying on the blades and heels, lift up the pelvis. Count to five and slowly lower yourself.

Exercise # 3

Lie on your back, bend your knees at a 90º angle. Trying not to tear blades off the floor, pull both knees alternately to the left and right side.



At the end of training sit on his haunches, hugging her knees and make a "blotter" – a few seconds shook on the back.

Also back are always helpful and pleasant stretching: just hung on the bar, how much is enough strength in the hands.

Remember! Exercises will be effective only if you perform them regularly. At first, you need to practice every day, doing one exercise 5-6 times for 3 sets. When the back gets used to the load, you can increase the number of repetitions of the exercise 10-12 times, to save triple approaches and to engage is not 7, but 2 times a week.


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Do not be lazy to do exercises for the back, even though the first weeks will not feel the result. If you have years not doing the spine and back muscles, they will gain flexibility and strength. Remember it often, sitting down to work at the computer or picking up the TV remote.published




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