Transpod has developed the concept of capsules for the Hyperloop

A startup from Toronto Transpod unlike competitors develops only part of an ambitious project Elon musk — the capsule itself, which will move inside the pipe with speed of up to 1220 km/h. If you believe companies and One Hyperloop Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT), which incarnation of the idea of Elon musk about the creation of a vacuum train, this year you will see the test tracks and the working prototypes of the trains and lines on which to go bullet train to be ready in 2020 — 2021.

But not all so boldly stated on the deadlines in the implementation of the ambitious ideas of the founder of SpaceX and Tesla, obviously, taking into account the difficulties that will arise along the way. CEO of a startup Transpod sébastien Gendron, who is a veteran of the aviation and railway industries, understands that the implementation of the concept can take years, if not decades.

Transpod — a startup from Toronto, who also joined in the game to create the Hyperloop. However, unlike competitors, the canadian company has no plans to develop the whole system for bullet train: 30 employees focused on the creation of passenger and cargo capsules.

Last month at InnoTrans in Berlin Gendron held a presentation of the project Transpod: this is a ten-ton capsule with a length of 25 meters, capable of carrying passengers and whose total weight is 10 tons, or cargo of the same weight. In the bow of the capsule, as was originally conceived by Musk, is the compressor that redirects flow of air under the underbody, thereby providing minimal resistance. Gendron believes that cargo transportation with Hyperloop will start long before the vacuum train ride first passengers. Despite this, the concept Transpod already provides such options for passenger transport, as economy and business class, as well as the option for private trips, for example, with family or with friends.

Even a short period of time, which will take a trip on the bullet train, you need to use to maximum advantage. This opinion, according to the presentation, adhere to the Transpod. Business conference, romantic dinner, or meeting friends — these events, according to Gendron, will be in the Hyperloop capsule during movement.

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Founder Transpod sees the application of its system on the route connecting Montreal and Toronto. According to Gendron, the year this road passes 10 thousand trucks. His capsule will carry cargo pallets instead of containers, which when fully loaded can weigh 30 tons is too heavy for a first generation system. In addition, because heavy loads will change the requirements for the whole complex and infrastructure.

To provide movement of the capsule is a linear motor similar to those used in trains on a magnetic cushion. More difficult, according to Gendron, will force the capsule to levitate in the pipe, however, it is very important to achieve this effect to reduce friction. The version with magnetic pillow is too expensive and energy intensive, so the developers Transpodесть some work to do.

It's all future plans. And while Transpod looking for investments and corporate partners, along with the way to turn a computer simulated capsule in a full-scale mockup to the next InnoTrans in 2018.

Recall that the first Hyperloop is planned to construct not later than 2021, but not in the US. One of the founders of the Hyperloop One of shervin Pishevar said container ports plan to migrate away from water in open spaces like deserts, that should give billions of dollars in savings. The company is considering options for the construction of its line in Russia, Finland or the United Arab Emirates.

Plans for the implementation of the project by company HTT is not so bright. In September it became known that the construction of the Hyperloop in the Valley Queja (Quay Valley) frozen company still not conducted the environmental examination, without which it is impossible to obtain a building permit. published




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