The transport system of the future Hyperloop by Elon Musk can be free for passengers

Elon Musk - the author of a large number of projects, which are often very successful thanks to the original idea, embodied in the project initially. Of course, there are difficulties, but for the most part, the idea implemented mask. One idea, which is close to realization - creation of a super-high-speed transport system Hyperloop.

On Geektimes already described this system , has only to recall that Hyperloop - is something like a subway, only the "tunnels" are placed above the ground, and represent a pipeline that moves fast trains. Test portion Hyperloop, may be put into operation already in 2017. Well, the very transport system is likely to be free for passengers. However, Hyperloop - not a charity project, a profit will be retrieved by another scheme.

Namely - will operate a system similar to that used in many mobile toys, free to play. Passengers will кататься Free , but if you want additional services, comfort and benefits - will have to pay. In addition, developers Hyperloop and reflect on another option - to get the money for travel to the passengers only during peak hours. The rest of the journey will be free.

The company will not lose a lot of money, since it is planned that Hyperloop will consume only "green" energy from renewable sources.

At the moment, the company that develops Hyperloop, has already signed a contract for the purchase of land. In 2016, it will be built 8-kilometer section of the system to be tested until 2017. In 2017 it is planned to launch this site to work. 8 km - is, of course, a little, the advantage of high-speed transport will manifest on a much longer sections. Speed ​​"trains" in the pipeline will be close to the speed of sound.

If the test section will show itself well, the company will work on the full unfolding of the transport system, worth several billion US dollars. Hyperloop be built not only in the US but also in Africa, the Middle East and Europe. However, all this - only after the successful completion of the pilot phase of the project.



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