Elon Musk introduced the 5th form of transport — Solar Powered Hyperloop

The owner of Tesla has proposed to invest in high-speed transport system 5.3 billion $, combining the richest cities San Francisco and Los Angeles. This road will be for 15.to overcome 600 km in 35 minutes.

This type of transport can be called 5 appearance after water, air, road and railway. It is a system placed on the flyovers of pipelines with a diameter of just over 2.2 meters, which is supported by low pressure. Pipelines are moved capsule compact section (1,35 meter wide and 1.1 tall), each of which can carry up to 28 people. The capsule is supported at a small distance from the bottom of the tube by pumping in the air gap due to the aerodynamics.

The main criteria for which was designed Hyperloop, compared to the alternatives, it should be ideally:
• Safer
• Faster
• Cheaper
• The
• Have immunity from weather conditions
• Autonomously produce and consume energy
• To be resistant to earthquakes
• Do not destroy anything on your way
So the idea of HYPERLOOP solar powered. In a more expanded version is a transport system that can move not only passengers but also cars.

Inside the tubes, the car-pods are mounted on thin skis made out of Inconel, a trusted alloy of SpaceX that can withstand high pressure and high temperature. Air is drawn through small holes in the skis to make an air cushion, Musk says. The "electric turbo compressor would compress air from the nose and route it to the skis and to the cabin. Magnets on the skis, plus an electromagnetic pulse give its initial impulse; then start the engine and gradually pick up speed. And: no sound of impact. With the warm air inside the tubes and high tail wind, the cars, the pods can travel at high speeds without crossing the sound barrier.

Transport concept, Hyperloop is not hidden, but rather lies freely on 57 pages and available for download to anyone.

The cost of the line Hyperloop between San Francisco and Los Angeles (SF-LA) was estimated at less than 6 billion USD, which is about one tenth of the cost of the project high speed rail California High-Speed Rail to be set on the same route.

As of October 2014, the project remains only a concept. Friction occurs due to its Autonomous power from solar panels that can create price competition for air and railway transport, which still runs on fossil fuels... At the same time "California high-speed rail" started the construction of structures.

Elon Musk himself made only the face of the project to attract public attention. But we do not have the ability as in his words "he still needs to work on SpaceX and Tesla, and it takes all his time."



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