Elon Musk: colonization of Mars - a reliable way to save humanity


The person Elon Musk is genuine interest many people - and this is quite logical when you consider the success of his mask and originality. So, the other day Elon gave a detailed interview Aeon , wherein said why he considers necessary colonization of Mars.

According to Elon, colonize Mars need as quickly as possible, so that by the year 2100 on the Red Planet was about a million people. Millions of people will be able to ensure sufficient genetic diversity to avoid problems in the development of human populations associated with insufficient "gene pool."

It must be done on the basis of several considerations. Firstly, the population of the neighboring planet will save civilization, if the Earth itself a catastrophe. Secondly, the population of planets in the solar system - is something of a springboard for the man to the stars. It is an experience that will colonize any other planet in any other region of the universe. Elon Musk even said the following, do without translation: «Fuck Earth! Who cares about Earth? ».


A similar point of view Mask stands for more than 10 years, of course, from this point of view - a lot of enemies, but Elon does not pay them much attention, moving toward the goal. For the mask, as for many of us, a mystery is the lack of signals (available human understanding) of extraterrestrial civilizations. "If in our galaxy there would be an advanced civilization, why not trace the spread of this civilization? Even with the very slow development of civilization, it would have taken just one hundredth of a percent of the universe cycle time for widespread distribution. Why did this not happen? ". While the answer to this question is no.

Musk believes that our world can only be a simulation. He also has a second view: the Earth - just a testing ground of any advanced civilization, which is watching us and about our development as our scientists follow the development of strains of microorganisms in the petri dish. Perhaps, said Musk in the world (universe) has a huge number of extinct civilizations, which happened something strange.

Equipment and technology used by astronomers, becoming perfect, and yet there is hope that soon we will be able to find traces of pollutants (man-made) in the atmospheres of other planets, and finding the asteroid belt, where there are traces of metal mining.


Who, Musk argues, there are people who call for a return to nature, forget about the technology, and live as ancestors. But this technology, according to Elon, allow a person to reach ever new horizons closer to the possibility of "gods," as they were our ancestors. No civilization can not develop if it is to limit the area of ​​the dwelling of only one planet.

With regard to the settlement of Mars, then, according to the mask, it is necessary more than hundreds of thousands of flights, to deliver a million people, and an appropriate amount of equipment, inventory and other things that you may need as many people.

Already by 2040, said Musk, you can establish a base on Mars, with thousands or even tens of thousands of people. At the same time the first colonists to pay for themselves, but the pioneers will establish a colony that can be developed. Of course, the first settlers will not be able to return to Earth in the foreseeable future, and this must be recognized. These people will face physical and mental malaise, unexplored disease and severe depression. It is also to be understood by getting rid of a romantic veil at the thought of traveling to Mars.

Industry will have to create from scratch, which means that the work will have to wear. The current possibilities of man is not enough for any active terraforming Mars in the near future. Maybe it will turn out, but a very long time. Already Musk is considering the construction of a ship to transport the colonists. There is even a name - Mars Colonial Transporter. But we need a lot of time to the project became something more than just a name. To do this, first of all, it is necessary to reduce the cost taken separately rocket launch.

It is interesting that the mask is aware that the project will be very long. And for the colonization of Mars was carried out, it is doing everything to ensure that the project proceeded, and after he Elon or withdraws from the project, or to die (we are all mortal, and the mask is conscious). Himself Elon wanted to fly to Mars, but only if the probability of death is not very high - because the company is now tied up, basically, it is on Elon Musk.

As for the flight to another star system, the head of SpaceX is in no hurry to plan such projects - they are very much a long-term, and participate in the project will have generations of astronauts. First is to settle on Mars, and then - to fly to the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, the asteroids. And then think about the transition to the interstellar level.

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