Test site Hyperloop HTT will open in France

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies opens test center in Toulouse. Indoor area of 3000 square meters, the company will test the vacuum tunnels and the speed of the capsule.

A platform for experimentation provided by the government. The centre building and adjacent areas located in the airport Francazal. Now the local government is trying to remake the airport, innovation Park. HTT was one of the first residents. It turns out that the place for testing the company gets for free.

HTT leads the development of vacuum transport in parallel with a richer competitor — Hyperloop One. Different geographical approaches of the two companies: HTT aimed at Europe, and Hyperloop One — on USA, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

HTT has signed many agreements with European countries, but so far it didn't reach even prototype. Recently, the company received consent from the governments of Czech Republic and Slovakia on the countries line, vakuumnogo trains, and before that was India. Hyperloop One in turn plans to conduct full-scale tests of a prototype Hyperloop already this year. Thus the company could become the first who implemented the idea of Elon musk vacuum on the bullet trains. If all goes according to plan, the first full line Hyperloop One will be in the UAE.

The idea of vacuum trains, which travel at the speed of sound, was captured not only startups and individual enthusiasts. Earlier it became known that the South Korean government also plans to implement the concept. published

Source: ecotechnica.com.ua/transport/1992-ispytatelnyj-poligon-hyperloop-htt-otkroyut-vo-frantsii.html


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