Kurama — one of the sacred mountains of Japan

In ancient Japanese legends, mountains, and trees, was considered not only the appearance but also the body of God. Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, surrounded by mountains on three sides and the mountain gods protect the city from evil spirits.

Kurama (Pack Horse) – one of the sacred mountains, standing guard over the city. It has a height of 570 meters above sea level.

The main temple was built more than two hundred thousand years ago, in the year 770. The deity of the temple vigilantly guarded the Northern limits of the then capital of Heian-Kyo. Since then, the temple burned more than once and in its present form exists since 1971.


Legend has it that more than six million years ago, Mao-son (the terrible King of the conquerors of Evil and the Personification of the spirit of the Earth) descended from Venus to the top of mount Kurama. Mao-son came to Earth with a great mission – he had to save humanity. Within a few million years it the great spirit lived in Kurama, controlling the life of all living things on earth.


770 year a monk by the name of Ganta saw in the mountains white horse and went after her. The horse led him to the sacred place. There Hentai brightened, becoming one of the reincarnations Bishamon-ten (Guardian of the Northern Limits of Heaven and the spirit of the Sun). Immediately after his enlightenment, Ganta started construction of the temple.


In the year 796, one of the senior officials, guiding the construction of the Toji temple, in the East, Heian-Kyo, was in reality Senju-Kannon (Thousand armed Kannon – the Goddess of Mercy, the spirit of the moon). Taking this as a divine sign, the officer has pojertvoval a large sum of money to build temples and pagodas on the mountain Kurama.

Mao-son, Bishamon-ten and Senju-Kannon are symbols of the universal soul. They form the Trinity of "Sanson-Sonten" (the Great triune Deity). The gods included in the divine three represent Strength, Light and Love .


It is known that Morihei Ueshiba, founder of Aikido, would often bring their students for training in the mystical valley Sojobo. Kurama mountain, there are many so-called "energy power points", which are ideal for deep meditations. The mountain is known for its healing springs.

The basic tenet of the philosophy of the Kurama temple is Sonten, which translates as life Energy of the Universe, which is considered the source of all creation, the absolute truth and is above the distinctions between all religions. It permeates the entire Universe and of course humanity. Sonten is represented on Earth in three main forms – love, light and power. He seems to be made of this Trinity, but each of these three components is quite self-sufficient.

In the second half of the twelfth century – in the midst of a period of confrontation between the clans Taira and Minamoto – on education in a monastery Kurama-Dera has been the son of the deceased warlord, Minamoto esitomo. A boy named Yoshitsune – the future founder of the art of Ninjutsu – did not want to accept the fact that it is cooked to the monks, and began to secretly practice martial arts.

According to popular legend, the Kurama live fabulous creatures-tengu – "Heavenly Dogs". Red-faced and long-nosed, tengu have magic powers, can fly and are good with sword. It is believed that Yoshitsune Minamoto managed to become a consummate master of the sword because his mentor was a tengu living on mount Kurama.

In 1174, deciding to become a real warrior, Yoshitsune escaped from Kurama-Dera. And after eleven years, he won a brilliant victory over the army of the Taira, paving the way for the establishment of the power zagonskega of the Minamoto clan. In memory of this brave warrior, every year the fifteenth of September in the temple of Kurama is celebrated Yoshitsune, during which students from various schools of Kendo (way of the Sword) demonstrate their skills in exhibition matches.


The deity of mount Kurama named Bishamon (the Hindu Kubera, guardian of the North) came down and rested on it, in order to protect the capital of Heian and give blagodenstviya, and since then dwells on this mountain, "pure Northern safety limit".

In the Heian period, the temple of Kurama as Enryakuji, belonged to the Tendai school, and in 1949 it passed into the hands of the new sect, Kurama-kokyo.

The basis of her cult is the notion of a cosmic source of life, understood as the Trinity of power (earth), light (sun) and love (moon).

Love (観音, the moon, the goddess Kannon)

Light (a warlike deity Bishamon 毘沙門, sun)


and Power (the demon Mao 魔王, earth)

They called the Trinity of sonten(尊天, letters. revered, great heaven, in the sense of a Supreme divine principle).

In the religious school concept emphasizes the sense of preciousness of life, gratitude to this space the source and merge with it...
In the "Pavilion of the Spinning Wheel" for the altar a grating sits twenty-foot Golden Amida with colorful silk cord in her right hand. The chancel is arranged as follows: in addition to wooden lattice, from human space, it is separated by a narrow raised terrace, with steps and railings. On the terrace are the cushions for the seat and a large ornamental rosary; on both sides of it two niches, on the left sits a statue of a monk in these glasses, meditating, throwing pebbles at one place and when it moved, left a large pile of stones.


The walls of the chancel behind Amides covered in a network of the Golden bubbles – paticcasamuppada, Everywhere Stretched the gold Chain of existential experience. And under the terrace a cramped, dim space where crawl, crouching and clutching a colored cord which holds Amida is the cosmic womb.

Entering the hall you can clearly see the face of Amida, in the depths of the altar, but only under the terrace, in close quarters and darkness, at the foot of a giant Lotus are one on one with Amidol, and his eyes always looking at you.

On October 22 every year, a festival of fire. To do this, prepare special bundles,

which burn night

The philosophy of mount Kurama teaches three ethical principles:

1.Not to do or say anything wrong and work on yourself. That is not to do anything detrimental to your body, mind and heart.

2. To be honest and work for the good of mankind.

3. Immerse yourself in the energy of life the Universe and to trust this source of course.

In front of the temple complex Kurama is a Place of Power – the most powerful energy place, here the snow does not melt. According to legend, it landed Mao-a dream.

Prayer To The Divine Principle Of Sonten.

"The words written in the heart."

Earth and sky – is immense.
Years and century are endless.
Brains with a drop with his narrow mind

we strive to comprehend the hidden laws of nature.
Our short human lives want to measure
eternal time-space that has no beginning or end.
Mushrooms-lived (朝菌)not sure as one year follows another.

Butterflies mayflies do not know the change of seasons.
Among the people, even centenarians are not so easy to join
to Bespredelnoe (無窮).
The life of butterflies mayflies length in a single evening
And the thousand-year history of a flourishing kind
Both have only one breath Samosseiko (天然).

For a moment – in human form.
Unreality permeates valid
penetrates small in the greatest.
And this measly little body hides a particle
the crystal-clear essence.
In its continual changing hidden eternal
Expansion infinitely wide,
Embracing the moon, sun and stars

she goes beyond the nine heavens
Shrinking, it is infinitesimally small,
Zakryvaetsya between the smallest atoms,

in the depths of the nine länder.

If you get the basis of this entity
Will not the universe, not of space,
The widest selections of infinity of the three thousand worlds

hidden in the mustard seed,
Eternity without beginning or end fit
at the moment of striking sparks.
Amazingly our heart.
Wonderful our heart.

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