A common feature to all the winners: correct posture

We all know that first impression is important. Our brain scans the appearance of the interlocutor from head to toe in a matter of seconds, forming a steady image of say – a label that is very difficult to break in the future. It is also known that proper posture is a sign of self-confidence: a person with good posture, we are ready in advance to impart leadership qualities, to describe it as a healthy, energetic, and overall – success. We even with the big share of probability would agree to go on a date with him.

It's not new and, in General, trite. But what is really cool: it turns out that in the relationship of posture and success there is another side. Namely: body language not only affects how we are perceived by others, but can change our perception of ourselves, and thus to transform us, to bring traits that we lack.



In particular, the confidence of a Recent California study showed that improving posture can improve the result of the negotiations, successfully pass an interview and sign a more lucrative contract. So, social psychologist Amy Cuddy conducted a series of experiments, the results of which showed that the adoption of a posture of power, namely, the straightening of the back and stretching the spine, affects the level of hormones testosterone and cortisol in the brain, and increases the chances of success. This is due to the fact that throughout the animal world of rectification is a non-verbal expression of power and dominance. The qualities necessary for victory in battle.

This opens a whole new range of opportunities for all of us and may be the salvation for those who feels too shy to speak in public or to achieve goals in the negotiations. Because you need less than a minute to straighten his shoulders, take a deep breath and, thereby, increase their chances of success. First you need to feel like a winner – and then you will be.

Better yet, if the Royal posture will become a habit And then thinking leader to run automatically every time when you have to do great things. Actually, proper posture is a habit that is easy to love. Good posture nature to us, contrary to popular myth that maintaining a smooth behind takes a lot of strength and energy. On the contrary, the correct alignment of the body helps the muscles to work more efficiently and allows the body to use less energy, and thus prevents muscle fatigue. And when incorrect posture occurs fatigue: muscles are wasting energy on maintaining this poor posture, and feel great forces just left.

Simple five tips will help you make the correct posture as a constant companion:
  • Keep your weight under control. Excess weight overloads the spine, especially the lumbar region, disrupts the blood flow in the vertebral vessels and increases the risk of curvature of bearing.
  • Check with an ophthalmologist – vision problems are often accompanied by stiff neck and lead to stooped posture.
  • Buy memory foam mattress. Podiatrists claim that are hard to measure, correctly chosen mattress supports the spine in the correct position when you sleep, and contributes to the formation of correct posture.
  • Move more. Take breaks at work every hour spend in traffic at least five minutes. Good posture is a by – product of easy, conscious movement, not deliberate arduous efforts.
  • Ask for a special program of exercises that will improve your flexibility and give your muscles tone to maintain correct posture.
For example, every morning you can perform a simple but very effective Pilates exercise — "Stretching the neck". To perform this exercise slowly, slowly and without holding the breath. Belly button if the button is "clipped" to the waist and holds stomach muscles in (in Pilates it's called "keep the core muscles switched on").

Exercise Pilates "Stretching the neck" now, sit on the floor or Mat, legs straight or slightly bent at the knees. On the exhale try to pull the spine along the entire length up from the coccyx to the neck. Take a breath, and without raising the shoulders, keep hands on head and elbows close together in front of him, pushing the chest back on the exhale. On the inhale straighten your back back, placing the elbows maximally to the side and back. Repeat this 4-5 times.

Next. Same initial position. The spine pulled out, stomach in, hands kept behind the head. On the exhale, tilting your chin to your chest, try to twist the spine into a roll and touch the floor with the elbows near the knees. The stomach constantly involved. Slowly roll back. Repeat 4 times.

Modification of the previous exercise: twist elbow to opposite knee or to the floor behind him. Important: all the time continue to pull the spine, keeping the shoulders down, the abdomen should be as drawn. Repeat 2-4 times on each side.

Straighten your shoulders, wish them success and productive day!

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