10 most dangerous foods!

Life-threatening food!If you buy products that are daily exhibited on the shelves of the modern supermarket, you just need to read this post! Unfortunately, today the amount of harmful and dangerous to health products many times exceeds the number of useful and eco-friendly products.

Of course, the quality of food products the following special control authorities.However, eating or not eating a particular food, each buyer decides independently.

1. Products that clearly contain GMOs

Peanuts. It is implanted gene plant petunias. In large doses – highly toxic. Will you buy it if you know that even insects do not eat legumes this representative?!
Canned green peas.
Canned sugar corn.
Foreign potatoes.
Sticks of crab, including crab essence, which is mixed with GM soy.
Soluble cocoa.

2. E-621 or monosodium glutamate


Just take the product off the shelf and read the composition. If among the ingredients is the flavor enhancer monosodium glutamate, quietly put the packaging back. Today it is added everywhere. Beware! Better buy natural products: salt, pepper, sugar beet and so on.


3. Ubiquitous sweeteners


Not all sweeteners are high in calories, plus they are quite economical: only 1 container can replace up to 12 kg of sugar! However, to consider them because of this useful product – it ignoble and dangerous.

After you consume products containing the sweetener, your esophagus, "feel" the sweet taste, you will think that any minute should come the carbs. However, he did not wait. After such a faux your body for a whole day will not accept the net carbs. Moreover, getting into the esophagus, they will cause you to have a strong sense of hunger.Do NOT use sweeteners!


4. Salted herring Packed in plastic containers

Such product must be stored in oil, and only in it! No vinegar or wine can't keep the herring fresh. Buying salted fish, pay attention to what she Packed and what is stored. If in the package there is no oil, then the fish added hexamine.

5. Quick-cooking cereals and cereals with added flavors and synthetic colors

Especially those foods that contain additives, flavorings. Such substances have a characteristic smell and taste different fruits and berries: Apple, banana, raspberry, pear and so on.Of course, no natural ingredients here.

6. "Barbariska"

Surprisingly, these lollipops is able to burn the table with the cloth! Check for yourself: take a "Barbaresco", slightly moisten it with water and let the sweetness on the fabric. After some time, see what you get... Incredible, but due to the strong chemical essences contained in the candy, "barbariska" burns even plastic. Now think about what happens to your stomach.

7. TRANS fats

Inferior butter of 72.5% fat content to buy it. It contains TRANS fat: vegetable oil low grade, broken hydrogen.
Fat natural oils just can't be lower to 82.5%. In that case, if you do not find the product with the same content of fat, better to eat vegetable oil. "Healthier" eating a whole packet of real butter than a few tablespoons of product with TRANS-fats.


8. Salted red caviar

Similarly, herring, salted salmon ROE is stored briefly. With the exception of frozen or salesology. If you see salted eggs, remember: either it added methenamine, or citric acid. Of course, the product can be used and other additives, but the result is always the same – formaldehyde.


9. Corn sticks, sugar rats, and cereal

Buying sweet cereal and corn sticks is dangerous, because the production of such products sugar NOT used. It burns at 140°C, so it is part of the "Goodies" in the enviable number of add, cyclamate is a very harmful sweetener.


10. Marmalade


During the Soviet Union produced a completely different product that contains natural ingredients. Seeing similar sweets on the shelves in the store, do not be fooled! Modern marmalade with the Soviet has nothing to do. Simply put, today's "treat" is a great creation of the chemical industry. To use a similar product can be dangerous.

You have learned about reading? I hope so. Remember one thing: a substance that cannot be digested by the body digest the body itself. Through proper diet, careful care of "internal" hygiene and proper physical activity your biological age will begin counting down. Follow health and what you buy. published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption - together we change the world! ©

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