Be careful — a list of very dangerous products for health

In February 2010 the government cancelled mandatory certification of food products under the pretext of its futility. Now the increase in the proportion of harmful products reached its climax. The article shows all products that absolutely cannot be eaten, they are dangerous for your health!


All artificial sweeteners have strong choleretic effect. People with diseases of the biliary tract, artificial sweeteners can aggravate the disease. And in carbonated beverages sugar substitute hardly anybody takes seriously and in vain for water with "zero calories" pays prostate.

Acesulfame — Е950. He's a Sweet One. In 1974 in the U.S. recognized by physicians slow-acting poison and a substance capable of accelerating the development of malignant tumors.

Aspartame — E951. Commercial name: svitli, slastilin, sucrase, nutrisweet. In 1985, discovered the chemical instability of aspartame at a temperature of about 30 degrees Celsius in soda water it is decomposed into formaldehyde (a carcinogen class A), methanol and phenylalanine.

Cyclamate — Е952 (cycle). Since 1969, banned in the United States, France, Britain and other countries because of the suspicion that this sweetener induces renal failure. In the former USSR countries the most common because of low prices.

Xylitol Е967.

Sorbitol — E420. In large doses (more than 30 grams at one time) causes an upset stomach.

Monosodium glutamate

Do not eat foods with the addition of E-326 (MSG). Take the packaging of the product in the store and read. If you specify MSG, do not buy it at all. Monosodium glutamate is a flavor enhancer. Now it is added to the most unexpected products, in order to "plant" them in the population. Be careful!

The TRANS fats.

TRANS fats — the specific type of unsaturated fat produced artificially. Liquid vegetable oils as a result of the hydrogenation process turns into solid vegetable fats — Margarines, cooking fats.

Hydrogenated fats are distorted molecular structure, uncharacteristic of natural compounds. Once incorporated in the cells of our body, TRANS fats disrupt cellular metabolism. Hydrogenated fats prevent adequate nutrition of the cells and contribute to the accumulation of toxins that is causing diseases.

Oil 72,5% can not eat in any case. This TRANS fat — vegetable oil low grade broken hydrogen.

Oil less 82,5% do not happen. If you can't find this oil, you better eat a vegetable. It is better to eat two tablespoons of natural butter, than the whole pack or kilogram of TRANS fats.

Use of products containing TRANS fats, reduces the body's ability to resist stresses, increases the risk of depression.

Foods containing TRANS fats:

  • margarine;
  • soft butter, mix butter and vegetable oils;
  • refined vegetable oil;
  • mayonnaise;
  • ketchup;
  • products fast food- French fries, etc., for preparation of which was used hydrogenated fats;
  • confectionery — cakes, pastries, cookies, crackers, etc., for the manufacture of which was used cooking oil;
  • snacks — chips, popcorn, etc.
  • frozen semi-finished products.
Salted herring in plastic containers

Salted herring is stored only in oil. In any vinegar, wine is not stored. If herring oil-free, so it added hexamine. Worldwide methenamine recognized as a very dangerous Supplement and banned (is formed by the interaction of ammonia with formaldehyde).

Caviar is salted

The principle is the same. Caviar does not keep long. Only frozen or selenaselena. If sold salted, so it added a methenamine, or citric acid. Can be added to something else, but the output still turns formaldehyde.

Obviously genetically engineered products

  • Crab sticks. (Crab essence mixed with soy, despite the name, crab sticks do not contain crab meat, and since 1993 manufacturers have been legally obliged to label them "crab sticks flavored".).
  • Cocoa.
  • Peanuts. Implanted gene of a Petunia. It is very toxic substance. And insects do not eat peanuts.
  • Imported potatoes.
  • Green peas (canned).
  • Corn (canned).
  • Corn sticks and cereal with sugar.
If you buy corn flakes, sticks, they should only be NOT sweet. Because the sugar used in production. Sugar burns at 140 degrees. Therefore, use sugar substitutes, in this case, cyclamate.

  • Cereals and cereals with flavors and dyes identical to natural
Are chemicals that smell — taste of pear, strawberry, banana, etc. Anything natural here.

  • Candy. Barberry
Now used as a strong chemical essence, that if you slightly dampen the marshmallow will leave on the tablecloth, it will burn right through the cloth, along with the varnish. Destroyed even plastic. Imagine what happens to your stomach.

  • Jams. Marmalade Powerful antioxidants. You never will be able to keep cherry in the original form. Nothing to do with what was in the Soviet Union, the current marmalade has. It's just the wonders of the chemical industry.
DEADLY !Fast food: instant noodles, instant soups, mashed potatoes, bouillon cubes, instant juices type "UPI" and "Zuko". It contains only chemical that are harmful to the body.

Smoked sausage and stuff... They are from genetically modified soybeans. Frankfurters, wieners, cooked sausages, pates and other products with the so-called hidden fats. In their composition fat, visceral fat, pork skin occupy up to 40% of the weight, but disguised as meat, including using flavorings.

About any naturalness in this case we are not talking. Take a thin neck and a kilogram of gel. For the night in a special machine gel "raskolbashivaetsya" together with a piece of the neck in the morning and get a huge chunk of "meat". Meat as such it is not more than 5%. Everything else — gel (karatekin, flavor enhancers, color enhancers). The pink color of this "meat" give color enhancers with special lamps. If you turn off the lamp in the window, You will see that the color — greens such

As before, no one smokes. Used liquid smoke, which, again, formaldehyde.

Dairy products with a long shelf life (over 2 months). All that stored more than 2 weeks, can not use.

Aseptic packaging is packing with antibiotic. Watermelons If you carried 10 times, the 11th might not be as lucky. Watermelon — fertilized such substances that this is the first candidate for the poisoning.

Pepper (not in season) is absolutely genetically modified product.

Cupcakes in packages. Rolls. They are not stale, not spoiled, not dry, with them doing nothing. They happens to them. And in a month they will be the same.


90% chocolate is not chocolate (dyes substitutes). Chocolate bars. This is a huge amount of calories combined with chemical additives, genetically modified products, dyes and flavors. The combination of large amounts of sugar and different chemical additives provides the highest caloric content and the desire to eat them again and again.

Foreign teas, flavoured teas and many of our

Drink natural tea, in which nothing floats and additional taste. All flavored teas with citric acid, orange acid, with some sort of acid. The addiction arises immediately. We need acid to bring the body.

Refined deodorized vegetable oil

This oil cannot be used raw in salads. The oil produced by the factories for production, is initially not use the product. These oils are not useful for the digestive system, drowning out its work blocking fat substance all the processes of digestion.

Sweet drinks

Sweet drinks — a mixture of sugar, chemistry and gases — in order to quickly distribute the body of harmful substances. Coca-Cola, for example, is a wonderful remedy for lime scale and rust. Think carefully before sending such liquid into the stomach. Besides, sweet carbonated drinks are harmful and a high concentration of sugar — the equivalent four-five teaspoons, diluted in a glass of water. It is therefore not surprising that, quenching his thirst with such soda you in five minutes again want to drink.


No natural juices in this case it is not. NO natural juices are sold in packages. NO! Stop giving it to kids! It is pure chemistry.

Strawberries in winter

Absolutely useless product. Any vitamins there.

This is a sample list of foods which we suggest to give up completely! is it worth to do it or not, You decide!


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