Amazing video of chimpanzees made a fire and cooked dessert

In the reserve of the state of Iowa managed to capture as chimpanzees made a fire to cook on the fire for a sweet dessert, marshmallow. It is noteworthy that at the end of the meal the animal filled the fire with water from the bottle.

So, the television channel Animal Planet showed its viewers an amazing video, which recorded an unusual meal, a 33-year-old Bonobo named kanzi (Kanzi), according to British tabloid Mail Online. She is unusual in that the chimpanzees themselves lit a fire to cook a sweet dessert, marshmallow.

First of kanzi collects branches, breaking the long rods like the man on the knee and puts the firewood stack.

Then he deftly lights a match and lights a fire.

As noted, this is an incredibly exciting time, as the production of fire has always been considered one of the major steps in the development of human civilization.

Successfully coped with the campfire, bonobos, strung on a branch marshmallow (ThePirateBay sweetness) and fry lozenge on the fire, watching the cooking process.

When a sweet dessert is ready, chimpanzees starts tasting, gently grasping lips hot marshmallow.

As a rule, the Americans added to these pastilles crackers and chocolate, but kanzi limited to a single ingredient.

It is noteworthy that at the end of the meal the clever chimp did not forget to put out the fire, Bay fire water from the bottle.

33-year-old kanzi, who lives at the research center of special reserve in the city of des Moines, Iowa, learned to understand more than 3,000 English words and use more than 500 of them with the keyboard with lexigrams (a symbolic representation of the words used for chimpanzees). In addition, it partially trained in sign language, enabling scholars to call him a true genius among monkeys. And the resulting video was further proof of the genius of kanzi.



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