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Women are beginning to displace men from the cabin jet fighters
Until 2014, women could sit in the cockpit of fighter jets, breaking the last bastion of male dominance in the Indian Air Force, combat power is the fourth largest in the world.

"I am 100% sure that a woman will fly on modern fighters over the next four to five years. Currently, the Air Force conducted the study of physiological aspects of women to pilot fighter jets, "said Chief of Air Staff Fali Homi Major (Fali Homi Major - May 31, when he turns 62, he retires).

Currently, the Indian Air Force from a total of 10,563 officers are more than 750 female officers. Women began to serve in the Air Force since 1992. While they are entitled to fly only on transport aircraft and helicopters.

Issues such as marriage and pregnancy can bring its own problems in the process. But supporters of the admission of women as fighter pilots show an example of the Turkish Air Force, where women instructors prepare young men for the pilots to fly the F-16.

Women drivers are available in the US Air Force and perform combat missions in the skies of Afghanistan and Iraq. Three years ago, the Pakistan Air Force took to the service of the first batch of pilots - the fairer sex.
pictured -Zavoevatelnitsa air superiority - the pilot of the F-16 US Air Force

Queen of the F-22 captain Jamie

And this is a military pilot Eretria

16 Chinese girls (Chinese Air Force lieutenants): a fighter pilot graduate of the 3rd PLA Air Force flight school in 2009

Of these girls will be chosen three contenders in the squad taikonaut Chinese, one of whom will fly into space as part of taiko-crew in 2012, the Chinese spacecraft "Shenzhou-XX»

Cold woman pilot Norway

Hot Brazilian

Mountain of Georgia

The Israeli Air Force

Girls of the Japanese Air Force


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