22 brilliant reception for young parents that you should know.

Ah, parenting! One of the wonderful life of adventure awaiting us all. For young parents gain the skills caring for tiny creatures - usually a lot of stress. Especially when the baby just appeared in the family. These tips will help to overcome many difficult moments and find a souped moms and dads confidence. Enjoy the tricks that make life with a baby easier!

1. This cap will save the little eyes on the water. Although the child is not very happy her ...

2. Euthanize child suffering from cough - just. You just rub the lint-free cloth feet, it will soothe and lull the baby receptors. Interestingly, as adults, this method works?

3. Perfect for twins - now there will be confusion, who is who.

4. From an early age the child may very well help with the housework. Allowed child labor laws.

5. From an old plastic bottle had a magnificent head, with the help of little hands without problems Dotyanutsya water jet. Very convenient.

6. Good idea - to use parts of the package to smooth the sharp edges of furniture. This is not the time to save the little man from the traumatic shock.

7. Soft cushion on the door to save the child from slamming away with the hands and fingers.

8. The roller on the bed of a strong material will save on the night falls.

9. Steady table and dense fabric - everything you need for a comfortable baby hammock! The kid will be delighted.

10. Instructions how to teach a child to hold a pencil.

11. Packaging of the DVD - ROM may be cases for colored pencils and other Chancellery.

12. Transform a cot in the table student! To do this, simply remove some railings.

13. Shopping for lingerie is very suitable for toys while swimming not swim away. The order on the water.

14. Temporary tattoo with the name, address and telephone number will not lose a child on a journey or in the crowd.

15. The vertical shelf for shoes in handy for transporting children's clothes in the journey.

16. Women's night gasket may well replace abruptly ended diapers.

17. Apply a water-salt compress in place with a pain in a couple of minutes, it will be very easy to remove.

18. Baking soda is good for different purposes! It is very difficult to clean even blemishes. Apply a water-salt solution to the stained upholstered furniture, carpet, and see the result.

19. The folded like a fan around the ice cream paper catch beads, clothing and hands are clean.

20. Rubber bands keep cut into slices of apple from dark spots, convenient to carry with a bull's-eye in the school breakfast.

21. There is a strawberry on a plastic skewer baby much easier.

22. A bit of glitter on banknotes - a trail of "pollen fairies." Magic is never more than in the case of children.

Now your parenthood will be easier and more interesting. With these tips provided by the child's safety, and interesting pastime - guaranteed. Share with other parents useful recommendations!

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