The list of dangerous products that are impossible (38 photos)

I'm certainly not trying to get you to give up your favorite treats, but I consider it my duty to warn. And the choice you make

Monosodium glutamate

Do not eat products with the additive E 621 (sodium glutamate). Take the packaging of goods in the shop and read. If you specify MSG, do not buy it at all. MSG is a flavor enhancer. Now it is added, even in the most unexpected products, in order to "plant" them public. Be careful! It is better to use natural products: salt, sugar, pepper, etc. But glutamate in any case!


While many sweeteners contain no calories and are very economical (one plastic container replaces 6 to 12 kg of sugar), but despite this, they should not be blindly trusted. It turns out that he felt the taste of Honey, our esophagus thinks that now receive a portion of carbohydrates: but they are not. After such a "deception" any carbohydrates that enter the body within 24 hours after this "sending" is a strong sense of hunger. NO sweeteners can not be used.

Trans fats

Oil 72, 5% can not eat in any case. This trans-fat - cooking oil low grade broken hydrogen. Oil is less than 82, 5% NEVER.

If it does not find an oil, it is best to eat a vegetable. Better to eat two spoonfuls of natural butter, than the whole pack, or kilogram of trans fats.

Salted herring in plastic containers
Salted herring is stored only in the oil. In no vinegar, wine, it is not stored. If herring without oil, so it added methenamine.

Red caviar salted
The principle is the same. Red caviar is not stored for a long time. Only frozen or silnosolenaya. If sold salted, then it is added or methenamine, or citric acid. It can be added to something else, but the output still turns formaldehyde.

Deliberately engineered products

Peanuts. Petunia gene is implanted. Scary poisonous substance. And the insects do not eat peanuts.

Green peas (canned)

Corn (canned).

Imported potatoes.

Crab sticks. (Crab essence, mixed with soy)


Corn Sticks and Flakes sugar

If you buy corn flakes, sticks, they should only be not sweet. Because the sugar used in production. Sugar burns at a temperature of 140 degrees. Therefore, using sugar substitutes, in this case, cyclamate.

Kashi cereals and with flavors
dyes and flavorings

These are chemical substances having the smell - taste of pears, strawberries, banana, etc. Nothing here is not natural.

Lollipops, barberry

Now used as a strong chemical essence, that if you leave a little soaked candy on the tablecloth, it will burn right through the cloth, together with a varnish. Destroyed even plastic. Imagine what happens to your stomach.


Nothing to do with the fact that it was in the Soviet Union, has no current marmalade. It's just the wonders of the chemical industry. Mortal danger.


The most powerful antioxidants. Do You can not save a cherry in a primordial form.

Fried potatoes in fast food
and finished in stores.

Who uses antioxidants such that the potato is held a year or black. Everything related to fast food. Shawarma, pies and salads even in McDonald's

Cooked sausages

They come from genetically modified soybeans. Sausage, sausage, boiled sausage, pate and other products of the so-called hidden fats. They include fat, visceral fat, pork skin take up to 40% of the weight, but disguised as meat, including using flavorings.


About any naturalness, in this case we are not talking at all. Take a thin neck and a kilogram of gel. During the night in a special machine gel "raskolbashivaetsya" together with a piece of neck in the morning and get a huge piece of "meat". Meat as such it does not exceed 5%. Everything else - gel (karatinin, flavor enhancers, color enhancers). Pink this "meat" give color enhancers together with a special lamp. If you turn off the lamp in the window, you will see that the color - greens such.

Raw sausage

As before, no one smokes. Used liquid smoke which again formaldehyde.

Dairy long
term storage (more than 2 months)

All that is stored more than 2 weeks, it is impossible to use. Aseptic packaging - packing it with an antibiotic.

Mayonnaise in plastic containers

Vinegar, located in mayonnaise, but it should not be there, eating away at the walls of the plastic packaging, releasing carcinogens. The plastic packaging can be placed only neutral products.


If you sounded 10 times, 11 minutes and can not carry. Watermelon - fertilized with such substances, it is the first candidate for the poisoning.

Grapes, which does not spoil

Grapes on the vine eaten mushrooms. It had not yet been removed from the tree, and had already eaten mushrooms. So if you sold some high-shoo-Mouse and lies more than 5 days, you know, he was treated with chloroform and other major antioxidants.

Pepper (off-season)

Absolutely genetically modified product. He can not eat through the best of those who suffer from inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, hypertension, coronary heart disease, hemorrhoids, insomnia, mental disorders, epilepsy, kidney disease and heart. Sam Pepper is one of ten products containing nitrogenous fertilizers, pesticides. And even if you eat only one such pepper, then there may be problems with health. Therefore, it would be better to buy it only in the growing season, and in the summer, and preferably grown in your region habitat.

Leavened bread and white bread

Eating leavened bread, you eat the mushrooms. Preference should be given to rye bread. Refined white flour is refined and other products, is surely among the top harmful foods. "Sliced ​​loaf" is not a full bread. This "baking", with all the consequences.

Purchased mushrooms, dried apricots, prunes, raisins

If you see krasivenkuyu dried apricots or raisins, pass by. Think about what it should do to save abrikosku as if it had recently with a tree. Dried apricots should be ugly and wrinkled.


Especially in specialized institutions such as Baskin Robbins. Or foreign ice cream. Now it is virtually impossible to find the ice cream made from milk. If you find somewhere a real ice cream made from milk, then you can safely buy. Popsicles - is the bare essence, is nothing natural in them is not.

Cupcakes in packages and rolls

They do not get stale, do not spoil, do not dry with them to do nothing. He will lie month. And a month later he would be the same.


90% of chocolate is not chocolate (dyes substitutes). Chocolate bars. This huge amount of calories in combination with chemical additives, genetically modified products, dyes and fragrances. The combination of large amounts of sugar and various chemical additives provides the highest caloric content and the desire to eat them again and again.


In particular, men in general can not have chickens. Because the chicken on all hormones. Hen gets 6 female hormones, including progesterone. Therefore, if a man begins to have female hormones, it naturally falls to the level of testosterone and which then can not be restored. Baran only animal that will not eat any hormones. Eat meat-profit lines. Chicken now - this is the commercial product!

Processed cheese

Compared with hard cheeses, processed cheeses contain more sodium, making them junk food for people suffering from hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. They are not absorbed!

Instant coffee

Men do not! Strongly! There is a complete rebirth of hormonal glands.

Flavored teas

Drink natural tea, which does not float, there is extra flavor. All the flavored teas with citric acid, then with acid orange, then even some kind of acid. Habituation occurs instantly. We need all the acid excrete.

Refined deodorized oil

Refined oil, by the way, you can not have it on the molecular structure is not very different from the plastic that comes with it in extreme heat refining. Such oil zashlakovyvaet body and is a powerful carcinogen. For the same reason you can not double-fry in the same oil except olive ... Refined oil can not be used raw in salads. It can only fry.

Ketchup, various sauces and fillings

In a high content of dyes, flavors and substitute them GMO furthermore preservatives, protecting these products from spoiling the gut microflora, beneficial and killing of microbes in the body.

Potato chips

Potato chips, especially cooked whole potatoes are not from and of mashed potatoes. In essence it is a mixture of carbohydrates and fat plus artificial flavoring.

Fast food
Fast food: instant noodles, instant soups, mashed potatoes, instant juice of the "Jupiter" and "Zuko." All this is a solid chemistry, harmful to the body.


Alcohol. Even at the minimum level prevents absorption of vitamins. In addition, alcohol is very high in calories by itself. Talk about the impact of alcohol on the liver, kidneys, probably not worth it, and so you all know very well. And do not rely on the fact that a certain amount of alcohol is beneficial. All this takes place only with a reasonable approach to its use (quite rare and in small doses).

Sweet drinks

Sweet drinks - a mixture of sugar, chemicals and gases - to quickly spread through the body of harmful substances. Coca-Cola, for example, a wonderful means of lime scale and rust. Think carefully before sending such liquid into the stomach. Besides aerated sweet drinks are harmful and a high concentration of sugar - the equivalent of four or five teaspoons, diluted in a glass of water. Therefore it is not surprising that such a thirst quenching soda, you have five minutes through again want to drink.

Strawberry winter

Winter Strawberry - absolutely useless product. No vitaminchiki there. This does not affect you if you live in, for example, in Israel, where it is winter season strawberries.

Juices in packages

About any natural juices, in this case we are not talking. NO natural juices available in packages. NO!!! Do not dare to drink their children! This is pure chemistry.

And what if there ?????


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