Side effects of antibiotics

Antibiotics are overwhelmingly on the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract, not only on pathogenic, but also on natural. Such exposure leads to the development of dysbacteriosis of the intestine and cause allergies.

Furthermore, the destruction of normal microflora leads to a weakening of the immune system, which in turn, promotes the growth of fungi. Especially clearly this is manifested in the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics.

American scientists claim that receiving antibiotics increases the risk of breast cancer in women. To this conclusion they came in the result of the research, which was published in the renowned medical journal JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association). Scientists have investigated more than 10 thousand women, more than half of which were not cancer patients.

The survey found that women who took during the past 17 years, antibiotics 500 days or more, 2 times more at risk of breast cancer compared with those women who never in my life used such drugs. That is, the antibiotics increased the risk by 100%.

Thus, antibiotics fall into the category of the most dangerous risk factors to date. For example, hormonal drugs increases the risk of breast cancer only 30-40%.

The reason of such effect of the use of antibiotics explain their destructive effects on the intestinal microflora, resulting in suppression of the anticarcinogenic properties of some products. In addition, to explain such a high percentage of harm of antibacterial drugs may be the fact that they significantly weaken the immune system of the body.

"... The link between antibiotics and cancer was noted before. Scientific studies carried out, for example, in Finland in 1999, Then in the research participated about 10 thousand women."


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