Spleen — the "heart" of the lymphatic system of our body

What can do the body's cold and damp? A lot. Including to destroy the spleen is the "heart" of 200,000-mile of the lymphatic system of our body. Average per day of the tissue fluid formed 2 liters of fluid. It moves through the body at a rate of 300 ml per second. Every second lymph cleanse tissue from decay products, removes toxic substances and waste products of cell activity.

Can you live without a spleen? You can, but have to deal with the immune system. The lymphatic system is an important part of the immune system. People without a spleen – easy prey bactericidal diseases.

However, people with dirty, weak, inflamed spleen, too, will still feel, and treatment of why something will not bring relief. Because only with a good functioning of the spleen we will be in the order of kidney, liver, heart, lungs, urogenital and gastrointestinal tracts, urinary bladder, pancreas.

No wonder Chinese medicine calls the spleen the second "mother" organism (first kidney). Weakened second "mom" — and there are disturbances in blood circulation. If the spleen is badly holding back the blood, we have bruises, bleeding from the nose, in women profuse menstruation.

Irregularities in the spleen cause muscle weakness, powerlessness, fatigue in the hands and feet. Marked loss of appetite, loss of taste, sometimes the aversion to food, nausea.

The weakening of the spleen will affect the heart. Symptoms: palpitations, pale complexion, weak pulse, memory loss.

The spleen and kidneys. Kidney inherent duration of our lives. Nourishes kidneys, spleen, and those, in turn, drives the spleen. If kidneys are fine, spleen copes with its transport function. In the pathology of at least one member of the Duo suffer from not only two bodies but also the entire body starts the trouble in the lymphatic and urinary systems.

The spleen and liver. The liver collects the blood, the spleen produces and controls it (it has an additional feature of the cemetery of spent blood cells) transports nutrients.

If the person is DEPRESSED AND RESTLESS, it is, on the one hand, is associated with impaired liver function. On the other hand, dark thoughts and a negative attitude towards yourself is the first cause of the weakening of the spleen. Violations in the work of the Duo "liver-spleen" lead to dysfunction of the stomach, pain in the chest, loss of appetite and the appearance of flatulence, feeling of fullness after eating and belching.

Spleen and pancreas. Tandem "spleen – pancreas" controls the muscles, forming the flesh of man, his Constitution, physical strength.
The key to the condition of the duet "spleen - pancreas" — in the mouth, the sensation of taste, salivation. The emergence of a variety of flavors, reduced taste sensation, changing the state of the lips (dryness, humidity, cracks) indicate diseased conditions in the organs. If the spleen is healthy – lips red, if the weak – faded, yellowish.

There are so-called syndrome of toxemia mucous membrane - because of the defeat of the interaction of the spleen and pancreas as a result of stagnation of lymph in the body heats up MUCUS everywhere. Her body tries to get rid of all ways. For example, develop bronchitis with persistent cough and copious sputum. Asthma, sinusitis, cystitis, persistent leucorrhea in women, chronic gastritis and colitis are also associated with this syndrome.

Try to remove the stagnation in your lymphatic system. It is often give rise to cold, cold food, damp. This is the second cause of disease of the spleen, followed by the pathology of other organs...

If it's cold, utalise clothing, obogreem home. Warm the body turpentine baths zalmanova. You could do that: mix 5 ml of yellow and white turpentine solution. To lubricate the mixture all over the body, wait 5 minutes, rinse the mixture under a shower. Bundle up warmly and go to bed.

Cold food is, above all, poorly chewed food. Chew carefully.

The dampness is necessary to protect the clothing the back, sides, stomach must be covered by the kidneys. Appropriate long vest.

Dampness provokes stagnation of lymph. The consequence of this is chronic prostatitis in men, inflammation of the appendages in women.

Herbal medicine for spleen

Chicory. Chicory cleans the spleen (N1!) and strengthens the pancreas. Properly functioning spleen and pancreas provide strength for the muscles, good physical health and mood.

Recipe: 0,5–1 teaspoon dried chicory root, pour hot water. To insist, to taste add cream and sugar.

Wormwood. Brew 1 tsp sage 2 cups boiling water, to insist, wrapped, 30 minutes, drain. To drink as tea with honey or sugar to ¼ Cup 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals.

The pomegranate juice. Long-time daily to drink the pomegranate juice for half a Cup 3 times a day.

Cabbage juice cabbage. To drink in the form of heat cabbage juice cabbage ½ Cup 3 times a day an hour before meals (3 days).

Yarrow (grass and flowers), calendula flowers. Mix in equal parts and boil 2 tablespoon of the mixture Cup boiling water, to insist, wrapped, hour, drain. To drink 1/3 Cup 2 times a day (for enlarged spleen).

Sage. Drink and brewed as tea. Excellent immunostimulant.

Horsetail fawn. Inhibits viruses, stimulates lymph circulation, urination, formation of hormones of the adrenal glands, eliminates limfosistemy and inflammation. Drink and brewed as tea.

Thyme. Stimulates lymph circulation, formation of leukocytes, inhibits the activities of bacteria, viruses and some fungi.

The dandelion root. Enhances lymph circulation, has antibacterial and tonic effect.

Products to help the spleen

Help the spleen oats, nettle, comfrey, sanguisorba officinalis, elecampane, plant adaptogens, yarrow, apricot, carrot, Apple, aloe Vera, barberry, Basil, cardamom, green tea, propolis, parsnips, celery, mustard seeds, oregano, marjoram, plantain, horseradish, turmeric, ginger, knotweed, chaga, Potentilla, flax, hemp seeds, dill seeds, seaweed, spirulina, fucus.

Cleaners lymph

Water. 2 l of lymph is produced from tissue fluid. Usually 80% of the poisons, wandering in our body, are not in the liver, kidney or intestine, and interstitial fluid.

Clear that dirty intercellular fluid will not get "pure water" — as translated from the Latin lympha, but something greyish...

The machine went well, the drivers periodically change the oil. But we will change the intercellular fluid. To do this within 3 months will drink structured water (skip the water from the tap through shungite filter, or pressing it on stones: shungite, silicon).

Fiber. Fruits, vegetables, and grains contain different amounts of soluble and insoluble fiber – dietary fiber. Bran – husks of cereal grains plant — also called "cereal fiber". Fiber cleans the digestive tract from toxins, reduces cholesterol, intoxication.
"Mine" fiber from food that is sometimes difficult due to refining of foods. You can use dietary supplements containing fiber plants.

Clay. A glass of clay water (0.5 tsp. Clay powder in 150 ml of water) in the morning on an empty stomach is purged you from mucus. You can also use clay tablets (1-2 pieces per day), capsules of clay and plant fibers.

So, our cleaning procedures for lymph are reduced to drink water and eat a pinch of clay and a handful of fiber.

Lymph massage Professor Agulova

It is to quite noticeable pinching myself for the skin, with the skin still to turn, to twist. Start with the abdomen and as it should graze him for about 10 minutes. For the first time. Next time after a belly to nibble chest, legs, accessible areas of the back, buttocks.

If, when pinching the buttocks you feel pain, it speaks to violations of the flow of lymph, blood circulation, stagnation and hidden foci of infection and inflammation. Lymph massage "Pinch myself" to do up until the pain disappears. Duration — 10-20 minutes, the course – before the onset of well being.

The speed of movement of lymph

Normal operation of the lymphatic system depends... on BREATHING!

When the muscles responsible for respiratory movements of the lungs (diaphragm), are stretched, they exert pressure on the lymph vessels of the intestine, effectively squeezing out the lymph and causing it to move in lipoprotein. Inhale and exhale play the role of a pump for the lymphatic system. When we sit, breath shallow we are, therefore, the lymph moves sluggishly. Doing physical exercise, be it walking, deep breathing — work of the lymphatic system will improve.


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Signs of disorders in the

Enlargement of the spleen is just below the left hypochondrium appears solid seal. Pale skin of the body, especially the face and eyelids. Swelling of the eyelids, bluish whites of the eyes. The negative pressure. Fever. Enlarged lymph nodes (about 1000).

Inflammation of the spleen manifest a feeling of pressure and stitching pain, aggravated by cough, motion, from lying on left side. Can be a thirst, chills, weakness. Pain around the navel. General fatigue, weakness, and tendency to indolent infections, poor resistance to diseases.

The lymphatic system is often affected by toxins and poisons. It is often the waste products of pathogenic microorganisms, which "peacefully" live in our bodies due to untreated sore throats and colds.

Angina will help to "understand" natural Apple cider vinegar, with a cold – pepper patch. You need to glue pieces of capsicum plaster at the corresponding points on the face for 10 minutes. To do 10 times a day. In short, keep WARM! published


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