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Buckwheat tea. Chinese medicine and health benefits苦荞茶 (kǔ qiáo chá) is a buckwheat tea. The drink, which is made from prometnih and roasted grains of the Tatar buckwheat. The scientific name is Fagopyrum esculentum. Is divided into ordinary buckwheat and black. Outwardly, the usual grains of buckwheat are light-yellow and black – black. Black buckwheat is also called "black pearls" (黑珍珠 — hēi zhēnzhū) and it is much more expensive than usual.

Buckwheat tea has no relation to the classic of tea (i.e. a drink made from the leaves Caméllia sinénsis). Buckwheat tea probably can be attributed to varieties of tea-like drinks from roasted beans. This drink perfectly refreshes and tones.

Buckwheat grows in mountainous areas and is also used in food. Scientists agree that this kind of crap there is in China. And now its main growing areas are the South-Western and Northern part of China, mainly in Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou and Shanxi. Local residents used for cooking. It is believed that because of this, among the population of these places, so few people suffering from high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Buckwheat tea improves health, rejuvenates the skin, improves vision and hearing.

In his famous treatise on herbs (本草纲目 — Běncǎo gāngmù) says: buckwheat tea bitter to the taste, neutralize the cold, puts Qi energy, balances the mind, sharpens hearing and vision, helps to normalize digestion. Modern medicine has confirmed in clinical studies that buckwheat tea may have the ability to reduce sugar and lipids in blood, boosts the immune system, helps to alleviate the condition of diabetes mellitus, hypertension, hyperlipemia, is a good prevention of stroke.

Externally, high quality buckwheat tea has a smooth Golden yellow color, natural flavor, it contains no dyes or chemical additives. Please note, if there is a burning smell, it means that the temperature in the processing of the beans was too high. Such raw materials can not use.

In the prevention and related therapy of buckwheat tea is shown to people in the following situations:

Overweight Psychosis, stress, Sedentary Chronic constipation, High blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar Diabetes morning Sickness during pregnancy vitamin Deficiency Gastritis and gastric ulcer diseases of the genitourinary system Crap was for people living in mountainous areas, as an important product that they even invented the legend about how she appeared on earth.

This legend says...

Once upon a time on earth there was a terrible drought. For several months, from the sky fell and the rain. All the crops were ruined and the people languished under the burden of thirst and hunger. When the time came for the autumn harvest, the people again began to pray to heaven for rain. However, Lunan (chin. 龙王, lóngwáng — the King of dragons, Lord of the waters) did not heed the pleas. Then the people rushed to the jade Emperor (Chinese. 玉帝 yùdi, Yuydi). The Emperor, on hearing of such calamities the people, immediately ordered the rain. However, Lonwan, appearing with the report by Yuydi, said that rain can no longer rectify the situation. It was too late to cultivate a new culture, as it became cold.

But Yuydi was still immortal heavenly Lord, and possess heavenly wisdom. Slowly opening his eyes, he simultaneously spoke and rubbed his hand neck. "I'll give you the seeds, said Yuydi. — Plant them in late autumn, when the ground is covered with frost, you will gather the first harvest". Then scattered over the earth erased from the neck. Falling on the shaded slopes, the dirt from the neck of the Emperor turned into crap. That is why the seeds of buckwheat are brilliant.
And today, when the drought and can't grow any crops, people are crap, because it can ripen even in cold autumn.

There is another story. In the days of ancient Jin dynasty (265-420, 晋朝, jìn cháo) Wang (king) had nine sons. Each of them he gave put in control. One of the years, in the realm of the outbreak of the terrible plague. Ill could not from weakness to lift a hand, they were tormented by heat, and any medication not saved. In ten days the disease killed the person. And no one could escape, even if it is just a warrior, though official, though a simple farmer.

All the sons were particularly outstanding eighth – Prince Shu. His reign was wise and he was endowed with many virtues. From the suffering of the people, his heart bleeds. Every day he voskurivali incense and prayed for protection of his people. Every time when the disease was advanced, he shed tears with the family of the sick. When there was nothing there, he, along with ordinary people gathered berries and wild roots and ate them.

Meanwhile, returned to the earth the great physician Shannon in order to collect herbs. He turned to the poor and lost in the crowd, studied the disease. He saw how deep and sincere sorrow of the Prince of Shu of the suffering people and decided to spread information about this terrible epidemic to the attention of the great jade Emperor. But to have an audience he had for too long. And the disease meanwhile spread further. Risking his life, he stole the sacred grass and scattered it on the ground. After some time, the crops sprouted. People began eagerly eating the grains of this plant to feed. And the more they ate, the faster retreating of the disease. Soon the epidemic was over. A plant that gave Shannon, was the same crap.

Once the Emperor of the song dynasty ticzon (chin. 太宗, tàizōng) were surrounded by enemy troops. Food supplies had come to an end, the famine became unbearable, the body is exhausted, the soldiers fell, too, from weakness, had many wounded and sick. Doctors lacked the fighting power of his army was fading day by day.

And then, the inhabitants of the Prefecture Armani (chin. 雁门, mén yàn) to support soldiers brought growing in those places crap. Starving for many days the soldiers were finally able to eat their fill, and the Emperor was delighted with the taste and aroma of dishes from buckwheat. Just a few days the fighting power of the army was restored.
This miracle was considered a sign of the blessing of Heaven and the crap out of Armani called "Grain-saving state" (Chinese. 救皇粮, Jiù huángliáng).

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