Tales from the crazy life of motorists

Small town near Moscow military. Rather, even the village, different from the others only by a concrete fence around the perimeter, with only two, but whom not controlled entrance gates.
 Denis was a friend of my friend and thunderstorms settlement, then still just the traffic police. There have been many, but one still recall with a laugh.
 I must say that grew Denis terrible gouging. Coupled with the strange way of privilege is carelessness was a real threat to others. One of the first machines of the legendary foursome was beige. During the ruthless exploitation of acquired four black (not painted) wing.
 Given the character of Dennis, as well as the manner of communication and of alcoholic euphoria around the clock, four attacks were a favorite target of local traffic police.
 But we must pay dolzhnoe- having fallen a couple of times and thus giving birth to a persistent lack of love for the people in the form of a long time Denis was almost imperceptible. He masterfully, flapping black wings, was carried away from the pursuit, hiding in the woods, garages, just skedaddle from the territory of the local impact of Guys and threw the car.
 But once Denis unlucky.
 It all evil gai earthen structure staged a real hunt and Denis was caught.
 Deal with it was abandoned old Major. The remaining band went to celebrate a victory of justice.
 I must say that in those troubled times weaving bucks was palpable increase in their pension and a joker in any disputes with native striped sticks.
 But here everything was more complicated: Denis with was not right. In the pursuit, as has been said, a lot of people involved, and are welcome capture could not affect the Major of appetite.
 The verdict was harsh-double tariff.
 Sad (later we learn to type) passenger Dennis went to his home. Major led the four, reveling in victory, anticipating future earthly blessings.
 When they reached the house they broke Denis. Under assumptions Major, for ten minutes.
 Dennis decided in his own way: he just went to sleep.
 I do not know how come a valiant Guy, how and in what proportions melted his hope as -tselikom or partially-isparyaliz of the brain already mastered banknotes ...
 I only know that the dawn of the Quartet met in the parking lot traffic police.
 Waking up, brush your teeth, eating breakfast, Dennis was convinced that remnants of hangover had left him and started to implement the second part of his cunning, and, at the same time to brilliantly simple plan.
 Denis wrote a statement about the theft!
 Village traffic police did not differ cumbersome structure. By this calculation, Denis worked one hundred percent.
 Appearing in the stronghold of Justice Dennis proceeded to the office of the chief gaevni, to whom, and tried to give a statement.
 Calling subordinate, the chief found out that a very similar machine materialized in his shtrafstoyanke under unknown circumstances.
 Denis could only draw tears of joy, to laugh at the sight of a face and other major gaev- of their selfish plans and shameful fiasco leadership are, as expected, did not report.
 Thanking the Chief of the seriousness of the responsiveness of the service personnel, choking with laughter Denis left the yard ...
 Needless to say that the notorious foursome became a thorn in the local Guys?
 How many-is necessary to say, basically, besslavnyh- chases!
 Bounce in the passing of those. inspection and the like.
 Let me just say that Dennis has always managed to emerge victorious in these battles.
 Last time I saw him behind the wheel of a huge SUV with flashing lights bunch gerbastyh ksivu on the windshield.
 But that's another story ...
 ZYZH, forgot to say that right before leaving Heine, in front of torn with anger Major Denis fished out from somewhere in the bowels of his buckets. Thus, finally killed in A major remnants of humanity and faith in the peace of the world.

© BooldoZZZer


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