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Now everything is very serious "enough" to rectify the environmental situation in the world, since today there are many global problems. A problem such as the hole in the ozone balloon is one of them. The hole in the ozone balloon appear from the fact that the air that leaves a lot of "bad" ozone balloon substances, which gradually breaks it. Without the ozone ball, we just couldn't go out, as the burn could be obtained in literally 5 minutes.

We certainly don't want the future be so and, for this, now people massively worried and try to prevent "sprawl" of the ozone holes. You should start with yourself, the more people in public that are served by example. Besides the fact that celebrities are involved in various programs that contribute to the protection of the environment, designers and inventors from around the world direct their work in the direction of creating environmentally friendly inventions.

So the designer Hasan David dal has not become an exception and decided to create an environmentally friendly transport. Its creation is an e-bike. The exterior design of the bike has a futuristic style. The designer calls his invention the "hybrid". He calls him so, because, e-bike – something more harmful among all, since childhood, known the bike, and works as a bike (no pedals that would need to twist).

Sam Hasan David dal says he didn't know exactly what will be his creation, as his plan was only to create an environmentally friendly transport on wheels (and you do realize that there are many options of transport that was environmentally friendly, and on wheels). As a result, by the geometrical drawings of Hasan David dal and get the concept of it is "hybrid".

So, how does the appearance of the invention is similar to the bike, remember what problem he always provides? Correctly, the main problem of the bike is that it is simply impossible on their own, without any support, standing to leave. If there is a special place to Park bikes, they have to lay directly on the ground. With the e-bike will not be need for the Parking lot, as, while, it goes into standby, which is held in a vertical position against the ground, while using a minimum expenditure of energy.

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