Why do we yawn?

From the point of view of medicine, the yawn, the process is quite trivial. In the human body accumulates a large amount of carbon gases, and with a deep breath, absorbed a decent portion of oxygen, resulting in yawning. And it is not necessary to assume that people only yawns when sleepy. Even now, as you read this article, can yawn, and then automatically making a deep breath, repeat this process again and again, not paying attention to it. Man, while still in the womb, already yawning.

People especially prone to yawning, carrying out some monotonous, boring and monotonous work. Psychologists by attending one of the seminars, has estimated that man is able in one hour to yawn about 30 times. After each yawn, and people cheers this prevents you from falling asleep. In some countries, companies have introduced a special samotnou pause. Workers first mimic zhivotnye reflexes, and then everything starts for real. One by one, they are looking at each other, yawn. After this pause start work, which, according to experts, there is a lot of activity.

Yawning is widespread among mammals, reptiles and fish. While yawning is the expansion of collapsed alveoli, increasing the surface of the lungs. Yawning also allows you to equalize the pressure in the inner ear. The rate of yawning occurs when fatigue and drowsy condition, stay in a room with a high content of carbon dioxide, after a period of weakening of the breathing, in the absence of muscle activity, etc. Sometimes occurs in various diseases, as a symptom of oxygen starvation of the stem formations of the brain. Yawning is a phylogenetically ancient form of breathing, is close to swallowing to breathing in reptiles and fish arising from the weakening of the activity of the respiratory center in the brain.

Please note, if you have people yawning behind you – he knows how to empathize, and be sensitive and responsive.

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