Oleg Torsunov: Life according to the rhythms of the Universe

A person comes into contact with the movement of the Sun and with the Power of Time every second of my life. As a microcosmos and being firmly connected with the subtle energies of the macrocosm, i.e. with the rhythms of the Universe, every second, our body performs certain processes, depending on the phase of the movement of the Sun. The whole system works with great precision. We in this work of the Sun and Time can't change anything, because the daily routine of the man is strictly regulated.

Let's start from the beginning. 12 midnight – the point at which the Sun is in its lower position (Nadir). At this time our body needs to be in a state of maximum relaxation. When you consider recommended in the Vedas the fact that people from 18 to 45 years should sleep an average of 6 hours, the best time to sleep is three hours before and three hours after midnight. Thus, people should sleep from 21:00 to 3:00 o'clock in the morning.

Possible options are from 22:00 to 4:00 a.m. and 20:00 PM to 2:00 in the morning. How would You have any circumstances, at least from 22:00 to 2:00 in the morning have to sleep. Sleep during these hours do not replace any rest at another time.

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Of course, there are many difficulties in the way of someone who wants to live according to the rhythms of the Universe, as modern civilization encourages people to self-destruction. If, however, You will still be able to teach themselves to follow this sleep mode, the result will exceed all Your expectations. Oddly enough, following this schedule, on the contrary You will sleep well and, in addition, during the day you can do twice the business. This is due to the fact that in the early morning the mind is much faster and more concentrated than during the day. It is not surprising that Japan, where the working day starts at 5 am, much ahead of most countries thanks to the many intelligent technologies.

This country, as you can see, not for nothing called the land of the rising sun, as there are people still obedient to its movement. By the way, Japanese scientists made an important discovery: the body of a man waking just before sunrise is a rapid setting, a kind of awakening of all the vital organs, until the change of the chemical composition of blood, which does not occur with a sleeping person. So, as the saying went up, but not awake. The body continues to sleep. Of course, to change your regime should be done gradually and every day to go to bed early on for 5-10 minutes. A couple of months You will be rebuilt.

Consequences of violations of bedtime

The deepest processes in our organism "rest" earlier, more superficial later. The mind and the mind resting most active from 21:00 to 23:00. So if You're not asleep at least 22:00, You will have to suffer the functions of the mind and of the mind.
If you ignore this information, going to bed after 23:00, mental abilities and his intelligence will gradually decline. Reducing the power of the mind and intellect occurs not immediately.

So many hard to notice these problems, although their characteristics could be traced. At first is the reduction in concentration or excessive tension of the mind. The decrease in strength of mind indicate the reinforcement of bad habits, a decrease in willpower and the increased requirements in sex, food, sleep, and conflicts, unexplained irritability.

Long late bedtime usually leads to chronic mental fatigue and excessive mental tension, which often try to relieve by Smoking or drinking coffee in large quantities. Also often in such cases, a disturbed vascular regulation and as a result increases blood pressure. Sallow complexion, a tired dull look, mental confusion, headaches – all signs of fatigue in the mind and the mind of late bedtimes.

If a person does not sleep from 23:00 to 1:00 am, it will have to suffer the activity of the prana, i.e. the vital forces in the body. The result over time will be muscle and nervous system.
Therefore, if a person at least several days resting at this time, then almost immediately he senses weakness, pessimism, lethargy, loss of appetite, heaviness in the body, physical and mental fatigue. If you don't rest from one o'clock till three, then will decrease emotional power. Appears excessive irritability, aggressiveness, antagonism.

Of course, everyone has their individual need for sleep. It is strongly dependent on age, adherence of the day, the Constitution and his occupation. If human activity is a hustle and a strong nervous tension, he is shown to sleep seven and even eight hours. However, in all cases to go to bed later than 22:00 hours is bad for mental and physical health.

Depression – a consequence of chronic fatigue of the mind and of the mind. The more peaceful and sublime way of life leads people, the less time he needs to sleep. In the state that reduced the power of the mind, man cannot understand what is good and what is bad. It is difficult to understand – how to act in situations. This is especially dangerous in times when we have to determine who to choose as husband or wife, or to decide what kind of labour activity to choose for myself.

Holy enough to sleep three hours or less. Spiritual people can sleep from 21:00 to 0:00 or 1:00 in the morning, receiving emotional strength from communion with God, from the prayers to the Almighty, and this force will continue to grow.

Gifts Prirodno people without problems for the psyche and health of stands at three in the morning, he is able to deeply comprehend its spiritual nature. At this time, solar activity is very weak, and the Moon continues to operate on the mind rather strongly. As a result, the mind is naturally peaceful and calm. In these early morning hours are especially beneficial to think about God and praise Him. However, people who prefer to get up at this time, have a sensitive psyche, and it is not recommended to stay long in crowded places. Therefore, such an early rise is usually recommended mostly for the clergy, detached from the usual worldly life.

Those who are able to stand from three to four in the morning also have enough power to realize his spiritual nature. However, their mental sensitivity is not so high that it was necessary to accept the renounced order of life. When lifting this early time, it is recommended to do only spiritual practice. These morning hours destined exclusively for this.

During this period, preparing people a big surprise: they reveal deep mysteries of the soul and of the Universe. The only condition is that they should try to communicate more with those who aspire to sanctity and less to those whose consciousness is polluted in sinful activities.

If a person starts his day from 4 to 5 am he is capable of a pessimist to be an optimist. It was at this time the Earth is in a climate of optimism. All the songbirds, being in goodness, feel it and begin to sing in different ways. Those who are actively awake at this time, can be good scientists, poets, composers, singers, and just cheerful people. Early ambulation is associated with a happy optimistic song: "morning greets Us with coolness, we wind meets the river."

This early time is designed for pleasure and creative work. In churches at that time held the first services. Believers with happiness, singing to the glory of God.

People who can get up every day from 5 to 6 am will be able all my life to maintain physical health and good spirits. In addition, their ability to defeat any disease is quite high. At this time the Sun is not active and the Moon is not active, so the mind becomes very sensitive to the perception of any information, and she quickly and deeply recorded in the mind. It's also a favorable time for the memorization of mantras, prayers and other useful for your spiritual growth information.

Those who rise from 6 to 7 am up after the Sun. This means that they do not recognize the laws of Time, but still try not to sleep too much. Their tone would be slightly lower than we would like, and things will go is not really bad, but with obvious mistakes. Their health will be more or less normal. This does not apply to critical situations in their lives. Those who are inclined to get up at this time will have a sufficient reserve of physical and mental strength. Naturally, they do not expect some clear progress in life.

The fact that in winter the Sun rises much later, and Chukotka do not see half a year, does not mean that people should sleep longer or go in hibernation. It does not matter what we see on the horizon the Sun or not, and its position when it begins a certain way to influence the point on the surface of the Earth, where we are located. No matter the Sun makes a vertical rotation around that point or oblique. A full rotation of the Sun relative to our vision will still be 360 degrees, and 0 degrees (Nadir) will correspond to midnight, 90 degrees or six o'clock in the morning, and 180 degrees (the Zenith) at noon.

Exactly at six o'clock in the morning the Sun begins to actively influence our organism. Those who get up early, you know, 6 o'clock in the morning nature is always calm, but immediately after six a slight breeze and a Land of peaceful mind goes into alert. It always happens at the same time, winter and summer, regardless of transferred hours forward or backward.

People need to Wake up before the Earth (before 6 hours Solar time), in order to have time to mentally adopt her today's mood. Only in this case the weather is not going to cause all sorts of disturbances associated with magnetic storms, etc. Therefore, those who get up later than six, will not be able to be a true optimist, his joy will be natural, natural, solar, and will be stretched and artificial.

If a man climbs from 7 to 8 a.m., he guaranteed lower mental and physical vitality than the one that was put in it at the time of his birth by destiny. All day such a person will pass or rush, or the feeling of lack of energy, strength, concentration to success.

Those who gets at this time, there is a tendency to hypotension, migraine, reduced appetite, reduced immunity, passive attitude, low acidity in the stomach and enzyme deficiency in the liver. And if life forces them to overcome difficulties, anxiety, restlessness, stress, and, conversely, a tendency to gluttony, high blood pressure, acidity and inflammatory processes in the body.

Thus, Time itself punishes those who don't count with him. Time is one of the aspects of God's Will in this world, and whoever is on the lowest physical level is not included in the rhythm of the laws of the Universe, expresses disobedience to the order established by God, and how the offender should be punished.

Those who take from 8 to 9 am undoubtedly can not overcome the shortcomings of his character and usually have some bad habits. The rise at this time promises a clash with big difficulties, chronic and incurable diseases, disappointments, and failures. Such people will go on about the events, not having the strength to change anything in life.

Those who manage to sleep up to 9 further to meet in my life with depression, apathy, unwillingness to live, disappointment in her fate, fear, mistrust, anger. As well as uncontrollable habits, accidents, rapidly progressive severe disease, premature aging and disability.


The man himself must make his choice – in which rhythm for him to live in harmony with the Universe or go on about the unnatural pace of life modern civilization with "one-eyed teachers" TVs, up to 2-4 hours of the night inspires us, how to "really" live.

The evening is better to devote a pleasant conversation with your loved ones, read the books together, caring about each other. Tomorrow starts today, how and what time You go to bed. Before bed wish all people happiness and make your alarm 10 minutes earlier to take another step closer to the natural rhythms of life.published 

from the book “the Laws of happy life” og Torsunov

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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