Smart pen for literate writing

We present to your attention Lernsiift — smart pen that reads the movement of the writing hand and begins to vibrate if the person makes a mistake. Creator of novelty is Wolski Falk (Falk Wolsky), who was inspired by his wife Mandy (Mandy).

It has a vibration function to indicate the author, when he makes spelling and grammatical errors, or handwriting does not meet the standards of calligraphy. Currently, the pen is still being finalized. Lernstift.

Using sensors, the handle tracks movement of the hand and detects errors. If an error is found, the triggered vibration. Lernstift operates in two modes: calligraphy mode and orthography. The first warns of mistakes in penmanship, the second detects spelling and grammar mistakes, vibrating once for the former, and twice for the second.

The invention is currently at the prototype stage. The creators of the unique pens Falk and Mandy Wolski hope to develop their project through donations. So, in February collected enough money to install the pressure sensor and to connect the pen to your computer to other developers through open source software has been able to expand the functionality of the device.

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