Lernstift – the most intelligent writing pen in the world

If the project "Lernstift" will be able to collect the planned budget within the time specified, then six months later, the world will get "smart" pen. Mass device capable of on-the-fly spell checking and helping the students to develop beautiful calligraphic handwriting.

The authors of the project "Lernstift" two young Germans – Wolski Falk (Falk Wolsky) and Daniel Casemaker (Daniel Kaesmacher), which decided to implement my ideas known to use the service startups Kickstarter. While that collected $24 million, and still need 156 thousand, and very advisable to do so until 9 August this year. If you succeed the first production instance handle Lernstiftwill be presented to the world in September, and the beginning of the new year will begin receiving the first batch of pens. Price per piece – $180, but who will support the project financially at this stage, get your pen free. At the moment it's only 161 of the investor, including a few private companies.

Such a high price for an electronic gadget, not to mention the usual office tool, due to the somewhat unique features of the handle Lernstift. It is equipped with a miniature computer, with a processor, permanent memory, a communication module Wi-Fi, a vibrating motor and a sophisticated movement sensor of the handle. All the components of a budget category, e.g., memory 128 MB, and the infamous sensor – a combination of the usual gyroscope, accelerometer and a magnetron, installed almost in every second smartphone on the planet. Nevertheless,Lernstift is a separate specialized device for professional use.

Everything is built around recognition function applied to the paper text for the realization of this task is a special software developed BY Vision Objects, "the world leader in this field." It has already been successfully tested on tablets and regular smartphones is used on thousands of devices around the world – shouldn't be a problem. On the contrary, the resolution of the sensor prototypes is determined at 400 dpi, and the frequency of data transmission up to 200 messages per second. While for guaranteed performance sufficient to only 25% of these indicators, the handle Lernstift is a great "margin of safety".

Scanning the text as it comes out of the pen, smart pen automatically registers all deviations from the standard style of typeface characters. And using the database for spelling, automatically signals the vibration about the mistake. Similarly, working and teaching calligraphy, moreover, Lernstift is able to study the handwriting of a particular person and adapt to his style of writing. This takes a few sessions to the database were updated with new information. Interestingly, the handle is equally well distinguish between italic and block letters.

Now the handle Lernstift can connect via Wi-Fi to your PC or smartphone and drop the data in real time. For example, to create original messages to Facebook or check, as did lessons from a child. Major restrictions on the use of Lernstift is not and they can be applied by all who are older than 5 years. Unfortunately, that the pen understands only English and German languages, but to teach her Italian, Japanese or Russian – just a matter of technique. Colors and design need improvement – standard blue for boys and pink for girls, and neutral shade of green still not enough. And to simplify the development of new software to handle, the authors have made its code open. It is therefore possible that in the very near future Lernstift will learn to understand punctuation, and will provide new, advanced functionality. published

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