E "letter of happiness": who and why is it necessary?

Russian Internet covers the new epidemic - so-called "chain letters." Such messages Respondents were asked to send text emails to their friends, and then allegedly waiting for him great success. Otherwise - a great sorrow. Who and why you need to distribute such letters? Sergei finds out Bachinskii.

Bachinskogo "angel descended from heaven and bring you love and happiness. Send this message to 20 addresses for 15 minutes, and the person who loves you, call you, and tomorrow you will have a good day. If you interrupt the chain, the five years you will not be happy. One girl removed the letter and her mother died. "

Such are the letters now roam the expanses of our Internet. Someone removes them immediately, and someone does what is required of it the author by sending a text on his entire address book.

Previously, such letters are distributed by regular mail, or simply thrown in the mailboxes. The tradition is ancient - like letters written in the Middle Ages, when they were called "the Holy Scripture."

The text of each of these letters contained assurances that the letter itself is endowed with mystical powers. On the Internet, "chain letters" settled ten years ago, says the Internet expert Anton Spout.

Tip: There were all sorts of frank psychiatric character message - how you will be fine, if you forward the message, and how you will be bad if not. There were some letters, disguised as charity events.

Bachinskogo: motivation to create chain letters devoted a lot of research, but no one can say exactly why a man to write a letter and run it in the world, exposing other people the opportunity to psychological stress. Here's what he said about this Anton Spout.

Tip: Sometimes, the letters run just pranksters, sometimes people seriously thinking that this way they do some useful work. And then they spread as a kind of social virus by naïve people who were inattentive - they can be called activity of fools.

Bachinskogo: One would assume that, since we are talking about the Internet, apart from the social virus emails happiness can carry computer viruses. But so far no viruses or Trojans in the chain letter was found, says Anna Vlasova - head of the group of spam analysts Kaspersky anti-virus laboratory. However, not all such messages are harmless.

Vlasov: Some reports are invited to send to recipients designated by a small amount of money. In these letters usually describes what a person is lost or missing relatives, and he writes a letter to these relatives could be found.

Bachinskogo: Well, in the conclusion of the letter it says that for happiness need to send in an envelope at such address 50 or $ 100, and it will happen something very bad. Such letters in Europe for a long time regarded as a fraud, and their authors are imprisoned. But this is extreme. Most of the "chain letters" just get on your nerves. Therefore, experts advise impressionable people do not read them and delete without opening, as well as any letters that came from an unknown sender you ...

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