Films that have earned the "Oscar", but did not get it

The "Oscar" there is one drawback: it is impossible to present all nominees, winning one person. As a result, all the credit gets this single winner, while in the films shown on premium pay much attention menshe.Kolumnistka The Village Alice the taiga listed the most interesting films nominated for "Oscar" in the category "Best Film" for the last 15 years . These paintings come to mind when trying to remember what happened to the good in Hollywood after the millennium.

Website publish this list and guarantees: all the pictures in it - great

«Erin Brockovich»

Who conceded: «Gladiator»

"As long as I have one ass instead of two, I'll wear what I like" - this phrase, deep neckline dedicated investigation at the risk of life and an incredible smile we remember Julia Roberts Erin Brockovich inflexible. Really existed lawyer put on his knees all-powerful and unscrupulous corporation and became the most famous heroine of Steven Soderbergh

«Gosford Park»

This yielded:. «A Beautiful Mind» < br>
Ten years before "Downton Abbey," the legendary American Robert Altman shot his most famous film in his usual environment. Many heroes and secret motives, intertwining fates of dozens of servants and guests and one murder, plunged into shock residents of the house - "Gosford Park," recalls the best stories of Agatha Christie

"Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers»
Who conceded: «Chicago»

The only part of the "Lord of the Rings", not caressed awards, has turned in Peter Jackson's film trilogy of the most exciting. It is impossible to understand how he was able to remove the journey with no beginning or end to this tension - Frodo and Sam begin to worry about during the opening credits to the end you forget that this is a fictional story

«Lost in Translation»
Who conceded: «The Lord of the rings: The Return of the King»

Bleak dancing in karaoke, two white gaijin in a strange and not hurrying to open the city, falling in love with loneliness and a searing embarrassment where you should be really fun. That romance "Lost in Translation" comes to mind every time you feel like a stranger in like circumstances such interesting and Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray played the most tender and touching impossible couple.

«Good Night, and Good Luck"

Who conceded: «The Clash»

George Clooney film about the fate of TV stations in the days of McCarthyism has become one of the strongest statements on the role of journalism and the principles of the fourth power. In the center - a hard and self-righteous lead Edward Mёrrou, considering that television - a loud voice, addressed to the public, and not just a box with glowing wires

«Little Miss Sunshine»
<. br> Who conceded: «The Departed»

The unfortunate family in the long road - seems to be on a seven-year daughter dance competition, but in fact - for his own happiness. Six incredibly funny characters - from a gay uncle, who tried to commit suicide by an unhappy love affair, to the eldest son, the Silent - surprisingly this film wants to show at the family feast. He did not disappoint


This yielded:. «Old Men»

The script for "Juno" wrote Diablo Cody, a former stripper, which obviously have something to say about life. She became pregnant by Juneau absurd classmate and thinking about how to arrange the future life of the child. Funny, kind and sudden, like teen pregnancy film "Juno" - one of the most honest and intelligent film about growing up as a child and have adults

"The Curious Case of Benjamin Button»

. Who conceded: «Slumdog Millionaire»

In 2008, this film by David Fincher for some reason, at best, be taken for granted, at worst - did not seem to justify expectations. Now the "Benjamin Button" looks like a fantastic melodrama, deep and graceful film about feelings and quickly passing life flow with characters who do not want to let go of the screen.

«A Serious Man," "Inglourious Basterds»
and "Avatar»

Who conceded: «The Hurt Locker»

Someone remembered in 2009 one of the most evil and funny Coen brothers' A Serious Man "movies, someone would not let a tangible" Avatar. " I venture to call the 2009 film "Inglourious Basterds" - the long-term, it made interesting and difficult to collect Tarantino film, about the shooting of which he had dreamed of since the beginning of his career. David Bowie sings «Cat People», Shoshanna lipstick victory in 1945 will be quite different

«Social Network»

This yielded:. «The King's Speech"

David Fincher meets Aaron Sorkin - and get to keep in suspense detective about meeting a gifted student with a lot of money. Of course, the "Social Network" would not have received without the arrogant, autistic and muttering under his breath, Jesse Eisenberg, who can afford to go to work in a bathrobe. "The Social Network" - biopic main millionaire generation millenialov that, whether we like it or not, half the world's population forced to work for themselves


Who. conceded: «Actor»

Sports Film Team losers from Oakland, trying to get in the league - not the most obvious description of a great film. See Moneyball (this is the name in the original film), it will be interesting to anyone - even those who never played sports or been to Oakland. The script of this film - hello, Aaron Sorkin and friends! - The most exciting game of the dialogues and biting jokes ball flying from one to the other half of the field, ready to disappear from view, standing slightly aside

«Beasts of the Southern Wild»

Who. conceded: «Operation" Argo "»

While his father is fighting with death, a six-year Hashpappi survives drowning in wild countryside of the South and goes to a meeting with his own mother. Floods and melting glaciers, wild animals and elements: "Beasts of the Southern Wild" - poetic, bold and unspeakably beautiful film about survival in nature, which rhymes with the recent tragedy in New Orleans

"American Hustle» Who conceded: «12 years of slavery»

Rich in the first-class films in 2013 gave us the best of Martin Scorsese for many years, anti-utopian melodrama "She" and Sandra Bullock in the struggle for survival in the open space. But again, if you've seen dancing under the «Wings» Jennifer Lawrence in yellow rubber gloves and have nothing trembled - see the scene with a microwave. David O. Russell is able to tell stories about the host dry-cleaners and inventor miracle mop as the ancient Greek epics - the talent he does not take away


This yielded:. Strong > "Birdman»

A three-hour movie, which was filmed for ten years: we look at the Mason boys from 6 to 18 (from kindergarten to the first day in college), and even his father, mother and sister, school friends and first love. "Boyhood" - perfect, and at the same time honest movie about growing up, hundreds of thousands of invisible meetings and do not remain in the memory of the conversations that have helped us become who we are. Monumental, spiritual and very warm movie that you're just like everyone else, even if you felt like a special.



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