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This guy has been constantly flashed in our paparazzi-chronicles. Example Taylor Kitsch is the best demonstrates the truth of the proverb: "If you suffer for a long time, something happens." Year and a half ago, he was one of the hundreds of third-tier actors familiar to most only as Gambit in "X-men. Wolverine ", now Taylor is one of the most promising actors in Hollywood. Never mind that the "John Carter" with him in the lead role has failed - but there is a "Battleship", again with Taylor in the title role, which is sure to become a box office blockbuster. And then Kitsch wait two more projects in which he again prepared for the first violin - crime drama "The Savages" with a host of celebrities, from Uma Thurman and finishing with Blake Lively and war drama "Survivor," which will be Taylor's team mate Mark Wahlberg. Both films - big-budget blockbusters. Marvel also does not preclude an individual adaptation of the film of the series "X-Men" of the Gambia. Robust design, right? At the same time, with all Taylor's only 31 year (April 8th will be tomorrow that is)

The success of Taylor Kitsch in Hollywood due to his tremendous drive and endurance, which he learned as a professional hockey player (in 2002, he ended his career due to injury). Judge for yourself: as a "regular" actor of the series "Friday Night Lights" (a work in serials is very exhausting), Taylor went to various auditions, laying out the maximum - he really wanted to play in a big movie.

The turning point in his career Kitsch was the approval for the role of Gambit in "Wolverine." Though the limit screen time this character is quite modest, the fact of participation in such a high-profile blockbuster points added to all the actors involved in it. After the release of "Wolverine" luck turned to Taylor from the front - he was invited to star in the drama "crazy club" one of the key roles. Though the film was low budget, Taylor appreciated the game and offered the role of John Carter. In parallel, Kitsch starred in "Sea fight." Actor literally lived on the set, but he was richly rewarded for his world-famous endurance

Friday Night Lights

X-Men. Start. Wolverine

Personal life Taylor is no (or just not declassified). Nothing strange, is that guy in the priorities Career

John Carter


Club crazy

By the way, after the hockey career Kitsch worked briefly as a model. Here are some of his work

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