In the fall she forgot all about herself. 01/29/2013

Looking at old family photos, Taylor Smart thinks she looks into the lives of others. She is now 18, and two years ago as a result of falling girl forgot all about herself.

However, after the accident, she still found their home, but she had to re-examine his life story. "I did not recognize his friends house and dogs. I again showed how to use cutlery, tying shoelaces and even write letters, "- says Taylor. "I felt as if he came here from another planet."
The girl Ehlers Danlos syndrome, known as "giperelastichnost skin", which is fraught with danger easily dislocated joint or damage to the skin. And Taylor suffers Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, which makes it prone to fainting and dizziness. Then she took no medications, and once lost consciousness, fell, hit her head on the tub, and the memory has simply disappeared.

Opening her eyes, she found her mother Jane, Steve's father and two older sisters - Ashley and Becky. Jane recalls, "It was like a little kid with his eternal" why "," where "and" what ". Taylor knew she was hungry, but if I offered her a sandwich, she would not understand what it is. My daughter did not remember any holidays or birthdays. Once she got burned on a frying pan, because I do not know what can be burned. "
Kc part of the brain Taylor was not damaged. It can read and speak, but devshki forgotten the names of many objects, products, animals and places. Now she has to learn all over again. "When my mother and I went to the supermarket, it was, in general, it's funny. I asked her what that's it, and that it and asked to tell whether I like this or that product? "- Says Taylor. "But with Christmas went wrong. I was confused when I saw a huge tree in the living room ».

But overall it was not so much fun. The girl had to put up with this situation, and for that she needed the help of a psychologist and family. Now she gradually comes to life. Taylor overcame the fear of a school where everyone knew her, and she did not recognize anyone and had to endure a daily barrage of questions. She managed to pass exams, but she returned to class just three months before the test, completely forgetting everything she taught. Now, Taylor went to college, she wants to work in the media sphere. In the meantime, moonlight in Topshop and learn to enjoy life again and socializing with other people. "I hated the accident, because of which I had to overcome many difficulties, but I tried my best."
To the girl gradually began to return the memories, it often provoke any smells or sounds. "I was just before Christmas in the store, there smelled of perfume, and I remembered that my mother was like that. And she was right, "- says Taylor. However, doctors do not make forecasts, when it will return to full memory. On the Internet, the mother of Taylor found only two similar cases. In one of them the memory came back to the girl three years later, in another - a woman never regained it. Taylor said: "I got used to the idea that memory does not come back to me. But now I'm getting a lot of new experiences and new knowledge, and I want to go through and learn even more. " Parents are proud of their brave daughter and hope that she will succeed in life.



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