Monica Bellucci

Luxury Italian Monica Bellucci, known for his film "Malena", "The Brothers Grimm" and "irreversible", despite his age (47 years old actress) continues to excite the hearts of men. Perfect beauty, given the nature of Monica, though, and prevented her from becoming a serious actress, but has attracted the attention of French actor Vincent Cassel. This stellar duo can rightly be called one of the most harmonious in Europe and Hollywood, because that Monica and Vincent complement each other perfectly. In marriage they had two daughters Deva and Leonie, who probably inherited charisma of his parents. I hope that like Monica they become known and loved actresses and models and can be (more Bellucci and model). In any social networks, this beautiful, charming adult woman is not registered, but it does not matter, because her personal and rare photos are still there on the net. I do not know about you, but I admire her.


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