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Country singer and actress Taylor Swift - this is one of the most popular and beloved celebrities in the West. If we do not take it into account while listening to Rihanna, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and others like them, she in turn receives prestigious awards for several consecutive years. 21-year-old Swift called the young talent that is still required to show themselves. Taylor realized that the singer and will be personally writing songs in the 12 years when I took up the guitar and began performing at fairs and various creative competitions. Then, as often happens, she said one of the music producers and the girl began to spin. In addition to a successful career at Taylor were excellent glimpses into his personal life. So in 2009, she met with the actor Taylor Lautner, and in 2010 with actor Jake Gyllenhaal (good choice). Soon Taylor turns 22 and until she focused on career and personal life can wait ...

1. Taylor is a very interesting person. Not standard. I was not impressed with it, sometimes even off-putting, but still deny that her face is stored does not make sense. "You know her from a thousand ..." "roots," wrote like about Taylor. Makeup wonderful highlights its "fox-like eyes", and additional locks in hair add-country singer playful look. Excellent image, though Taylor and reminds me of a not particularly nice animal.

2. Feminine notes in the image, no doubt, go Taylor. Beautiful hairstyle that brightens a little monotonous curls Swift. Taylor with Meiko as snow queen. Cold tone powder, overhead cilia, pink blush and a light sheen - the image on mulon dollars.

3. Again curls. The only thing that I like in appearance Swift - this is her hair. Make-up eyes in violet tones matched exactly under the dress of the young singer. I am not a supporter of such "contributions", but in this case it looks decent. Vivid-peach gloss Taylor does not change, and the highlight of her eye she loves more than her lips.

4. Sweet Beanie) A good makeup in shades of gray (probably picked a shade hats). I do not like only what ink stuck together, but otherwise everything is OK. This makeup will be relevant this winter than ever before.

5. Excellent hairstyle, Taylor, she really fits most. Focus on the eye, this time did not work, because Taylor looks like Chinese, so forgive me Swift and the largest nation of the earth.

6. Here tiddly Taylor's eyes look bigger. A good frame, I tell you. Make simple, but given the depth of the chest, then it is understandable. All the attention to one of the main advantages of a young Taylor.

7. It is a pity that Taylor and Taylor (approx. Lautner) have left - they would have been a great couple because two halves must be similar to each other (in this case will be harmony, understanding, love and other nice amenities), and between these guys have some similarities. Hair and I do not like the dress, but if you take into account the fact that Taylor - this is not the canary pop and country music performer (which many are questioning), then such an image is clear. Arrows and red lipstick is clearly not friends with Taylor, it is better to stick to the standard than to look so ... One gets the feeling that Taylor sometimes difficult to open my eyes.

8. The idea of ​​the image is good, but the execution let us down ... On the photo we can say that one eye is made up is much brighter than the second, and dress - it's just know komments (instead of the belts strapless - it's hard). In general, a good thing that Taylor does not operate the same way, and trying to change.

9. The photograph Taylor as bad copy of itself. Images of hands may grow out of the place, but the frame is bad. Again, I repeat, that the combination of arrows and scarlet lipstick - it's not for Taylor Swift, but show themselves as adult sex-woman even want it.

10. That bang - it's just perfect for the person Taylor. Immediately changed everything in front of us like a different person. Once again, convinced that depend on hairstyles though not all, but many. The eyes are made up beautiful no matter what they are narrow. The image is very pleasant.

11. Looking at the photo immediately reminded of the late Lyudmila Markovna. Let the earth it will be down. And indeed, something of Gurchenko recent years (not exactly young) as Taylor is. Hairstyle beautiful, just like the first lady. Make-up, in principle, ordinary, so very easy to do and every day.

12. Again, this scarlet lipstick. It does not fit in it and Taylor Swift does well ...

13. There is still the face of Taylor - this is not the handsome face of Selena Gomez or reference face of Angelina Jolie, is something else. Make-up is done perfectly, the claim only to the shape of the eyebrows Taylor.


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