In the movie "Runaway Bride" heroine Julia Roberts skedaddle from several suitors. In 1991, the actress received the same "prodinamila" an official of the groom ... Kiefer Sutherland three days before the wedding. It turned out, Julia was fascinated by the best friend of Sutherland, actor Jason Patric

Jason Patric

It seems to be deliberately refuse marriage to a man like Brad Pitt - crazy, but Gwyneth Paltrow at the time it is made. She broke off her engagement to Brad, saying he did not consider himself ready for family life. Later, the actress realized that gave a blunder, and regretted his actions, but too late - the train has already left

Jennifer Lopez broke off her engagement to Ben Affleck after being in the tabloids wrote about the relationship of the actor with a prostitute. Pop diva decided to end the relationship that will be easier than figuring out Ben cheated on her or not

Before Tom Cruise Katie Holmes had a relationship with the actor of lower rank, Chris Klein. They met five years and were going to legitimize the relationship, but Cruz, who at the time decided to settle down as a cute Katie spotted on one of the parties and easily stole it from Klein

In 1983, Alec Baldwin is engaged to actress Janine Turner beginner. The wedding is about to take place was, but Janine was not given a role in some TV series, for which she had high hopes. Upset Turner laid wedding ring to pay for the apartment and pulled away from the groom, finding solace in alcohol. Soon Janine thought better of it and tied with a green serpent, but Baldwin at the time, as they say, bye-bye

In Hollywood, Tara Reid generally reputed lady unbalanced. In the summer of 2001, she terminated her engagement to actor Carson Daly, saying that he wanted to spend a little more free lady (read - hang out a little longer). And after a time, she said it was still madly in love with Carson, but realizes that nothing can be glued ...

Demi Moore broke off her engagement to actor and director Emilio Estevez, because then decided that two creative ambitious people can not get along together. After that, she was married to Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher - quite a long time, it's worth noting

Singer Sheryl Crow has gone by cyclist Lance Armstrong for good reason - she wanted a child, and the groom said a categorical "no." In February 2008, the couple broke off the engagement

When it came time to go to the altar, the 25-year-old model Crystal Harris last weigh the "pros" and "cons" and decided that the wedding night with the 85-year-old Hugh Hefner she would not survive, so at the last moment returned the engagement ring to the founder of " Playboy »


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