6 things that hinder development

Self-improvement and development is never easy. But in addition to external obstacles, sometimes we have to overcome, and internal – their own fears and doubts, complexes and negative experience. What personally hinders your development?

Without continuous development of people lose the sense of self-importance, it becomes uninteresting and boring to others and, in the end, just degraded. That's why moving forward is a must. No matter what the field: the development of themselves as individuals, their talents or business skills. But do you have the feeling, when, instead, to seat himself for a tutorial or to drive on courses that draws you to lie down on the couch and tell the world: "I'm fine, leave me alone!"?

Perhaps the thing is that inside you live some brakes that hinder your development. What? We will understand!

Fear of the new
To go beyond your comfort zone, to try something new is terrifying! Suddenly fail? Suddenly this will become even worse? suddenly, losing the usual blessings, you will not be able to replace them with something more worthy?

What to do? Take small steps to overcome your fear. Try to get out of comfort zone, not immediately and abruptly, but gradually. Do not immediately join a group of dancers try to learn the dance yourself in the video.


The desire to get everything at once
Yes, you really want to have a lot of money, but you refuse great job offers: after all, there will be pay for five hundred less than you want. You don't go to the gym to train your body because of the result you have to sweat at least a month. Not agreeing to half-measures, you are depriving yourself of everything.

What to do? You have a cherished goal? Try to divide it into smaller, within a very short time. And those that guarantee results. To achieve small goals is much easier and more efficient.


You started to learn embroidery, so much so carried away that completely abandoned the beading, which was done six months ago. You went to the courses of oratory and put the valuable knowledge that I have acquired on the training on the art of communication. After some time you come to the conclusion that to learn new things – inefficient. After all, when you forget previously acquired knowledge.

What to do? Spend at least fifteen minutes a day repeating what was learned earlier. If you started to learn French, read books in English, courses which finished last year.


Barren dreams
You terribly want to learn to skydive, you even made a list of clubs where you can go found out what you need equipment, but... still have not forced myself to realize a dream. By and large, you don't know what you learn to float in the air. You are missing the most important thing is motivation.

What to do? Instead of the years cherish the dream of the sky, writing a brilliant novel or Oriental dance, listen to yourself and answer the question: "What do I really want to do? Why I want to do this?" set your goals only when you have checked your dream to be true.


Persistent doubts
Once you start learning the language, you are constantly tormented by the thought: and need. Maybe instead of Spanish would be worth to learn English? Such doubts already at the stage of implementation of your purpose work as a brake. Unconsciously, you yourself put a spoke in the wheel.

What to do? Times have already started to do something – don't stop. If you have any doubt, write them. And return only after you reach at least a small but progress.


Failure in the beginning
Usually, when we begin a new, unusual thing, we failed. This is not surprising: none of us is born a professional seller, a dancer or an artist. In order for your work to be successful, you need to accumulate some experience in this field.

What to do? Read the biographies of the great: was not such that even the most gifted person immediately achieved success. But perseverance and faith in yourself works wonders!


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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