Five injury that prevent live

Purely by chance in a bookstore, my hand reached for the book Liz Bourbeau "5 injuries that hinder be yourself." By purchasing this book, I read it for 2 days and realized that it got into my hands is not a coincidence, it's just time to deal with his childhood trauma, which affects my adult life.


It is not strange it sounds, reading this book, I felt that the author knows me better than myself and my loved ones and acquaintances. If you are interested, but the time to read a book you do not at all, then it is for you, and I wrote this article. Start, perhaps, it is necessary from the fact that each person has an injury and can not alone, that he received as a child due to the mother or the father, or the man who raised him. This injury causes us to wear a mask in his life in order not to feel pain again, betrayal and humiliation. Fear again be abandoned or rejected by forcing us to follow a certain pattern of behavior that no one had ever guessed about our suffering, even we ourselves.

Liz Bourbeau as a result of years of practice has identified 5 injuries that prevent us from living, masks, which we unconsciously don and methods of healing childhood wounds. 5 injuries that interfere with life:

1. Injury - rejected

The man who got this injury does not feel right to existence in this world. They can be an unwanted child who still born, or perhaps a child who was rejected by the parent of your gender from birth to one year. Such a person from childhood dress mask "Fugitive", he longs to escape, disappear, evaporate and does not occupy much space. For this reason, by the way, he looks very thin, even gaunt, as the body reacts to the unconscious desire. In the eyes of the fugitive you will always see the fear, he is not very sure of himself, in large companies he feels uncomfortable, always silent and tries to be as comfortable in that solitude can quickly disappear. Another characteristic feature of the fugitive - striving for excellence in all, if he does something, it makes an ideal starting or not doing at all. In this way, he tries to be realized, and to prove to myself that it is for that love. People suffering from the trauma of rejection, often have problems with the skin, since she is the point of contact with the outside world, as the problem skin - if pushes away the outside world and tells his whole appearance: "Do not touch me." Also, such people tend to suffer diarrhea as suffering trauma themselves rejected, they reject food that has not had time to digest. For this reason, they can often be vomiting. Some fugitives escape from reality with the help of alcohol, it helps them temporarily disappear and cease to feel aching pain.

2. Trauma - abandoned

Next 5 injuries that interfere with life - abandoned. The man who carries within him the injury got it because the parent of the opposite sex, because he did not pay him enough attention, did not show care and love. That is why suffering trauma abandoned experiencing a constant emotional hunger and tries to "cling" to another person to satisfy this hunger. The mask used abandoned - "dependent". He is sure that he can not achieve anything alone, without the support of other people, he just needed words of encouragement and advice, which he then, by the way, should not be. For him, the main thing to have around the person on whom you can rely, as the forces he is not sure. Build dependent fits his injury: a thin, long body, which has an underdeveloped muscles. From the side it seems that the muscle system does not keep his body and the person, not to fall, a must for someone to lean on. So it is in life. Feeling emotional hunger, addict tries to find at least someone to depend on him. At the same time he can not control his emotions upset for nothing, crying easily, and can once again laugh a minute. Such a person is usually very hypochondriac, prone to exaggerate and dramatize, "making mountains out of molehills" - this is about her. More than anything dependent afraid of loneliness, because then there is nobody to receive attention, support and assistance. A person suffering trauma abandoned, often have children's tone of voice, he likes to ask a lot of questions and hardly accepts failure, as this again feels abandoned. The most common diseases that are typical of this injury - asthma, myopia, migraines and depression

. 3. Injury - humiliated

Humiliated child is experiencing abuse, criticism, censure from an early age, but the injury is manifested most often humiliated if all the child hears from the mother during the period from 1 to 3 years. If the mother blames the child, causing him to feel guilt, shame, then he in turn takes it as a humiliation, especially if the conversation takes place in front of strangers. Such a child in the future, puts on a mask of "masochist". This means that a man all his life will himself to look for problems, humiliation and various situations that could suffer. From childhood he experienced the humiliation, I did not hear a kind word, why not consider himself worthy of another relationship, even to yourself. As he used to always just be ashamed of, the body listens to his subconscious and grows in its volume. Masochist takes a lot of space, not only in space but also in the lives of others. He tries to help everyone, solve problems, and provide supporting them. This person seems good, since voluntarily taking part in the problems of other people, but in fact is his behavior is motivated by fear of shame in front of others and yourself. He is ready to do everything to make it no longer criticized and praised at last! Masochist usually hypersensitive, the slightest little thing it hurts and hurts, but he usually does not even notice those moments when he offends and hurts other people. Man with injury humiliated often suffer from diseases of the back, as it has taken on his shoulders the burdens - responsibility for the lives of others, as well as respiratory diseases, when it suffocate other people's problems, thyroid gland, since it is difficult to understand their needs and express their requirements.

4. Trauma - betrayal

This trauma experienced by the child aged 2-4 years with a parent of the opposite sex. The child feels that the parent had betrayed him every time he does not keep his word, prefers someone else, not him or when he abused the trust of the child. In this case, the child not to feel the pain of the injury, he puts "control" mask. The body develops in accordance with the mask, it radiates power and strength, his whole appearance indicating that the owner of a responsible person and he can be trusted. Such a person is confident in his abilities, he likes to be first and best, he is used to control himself and others. It is very demanding to the other so as to themselves and often disappointed that they can not be trusted and have to do everything yourself. In their actions controls like speed, so it is very irritated when someone does their job slowly. Often such a person to become aggressive if the situation gets out of his control. He is trying to foresee everything and provide to avoid another betrayal in his life. He rarely listens to others and do as it sees fit, but on the other requires them to strictly follow its recommendations. People wearing betrayal trauma often suffer problems with the digestive system, agrofobiey, diseases and disorders of the joints, whose name ends in -um.

5. Injury - injustice

The child receives the injury mainly with the parent of your gender between the ages of three to five years. Protective Mask - "rigidity". Rigid strives for justice and perfection, it is very difficult to understand that what he is doing, it may seem unfair to the other and vice versa - the way others do with it, it may seem unfair to him just as he is suffering from this injury. Build a completely rigid and proportionally, it's true ... This man is very hard-working, it is always appreciated for its achievements and successes, and not just. But it is often subject to conflicts, as he - an ardent fighter for justice. The biggest fear for rigid - the fear to make a mistake, because then he can do injustice to others, and that he is trying to prevent. Unfortunately, rigid often refuses life is good, if it considers it unjust to others and envious of others, if it considers that they do not deserve. In this constant struggle, he earns his nervous exhaustion, constipation, loss of vision and insomnia.

The first step to healing 5 injuries that interfere with life - it is their understanding, acceptance and then work with them. By the way, do not blame my parents, because as writes in his book, Liz Bourbeau, soul already knew clearly what trauma in life they have to get to work out their karma and just choose the parents that they will provide the necessary conditions.

The responsibility for your life is always on you and other people and situations - is a reflection of your inner decision to go through certain lessons. For more information you can read in the Book of Liz Bourbeau "Five injuries that hinder be yourself" and I hope that you will heal your life.

Author: Julia Kravchenko


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