5 words that make it difficult to achieve success

You use every day these five words and are not even aware that thus doomed to failure. Eliminate them from your vocabulary and you will be surprised at the changes that happen in your life and work.

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The words we utter daily in the office and outside of work, and largely determine our levels of success. Columnist of the magazine Inc.com Jeffrey James noticed that in the lexicon of "always losing" very often there are these five words.

1. "Luck"

Unexpected events can really affect the results of your work, but you should understand the difference between "event" and "luck". Are two different things.

Faith in luck focuses you on an imaginary structure, which neither you nor anyone else can influence.

What's worse, luck becomes a pretext for the failure ("Just bad luck") and devalues your successes ("Just got lucky").

2. The "enemy"

Do you really have competitors. And sometimes they have to lose that you won. And yet in business there are no enemies.

Enemies are at war, where people kill each other. Business is about creating good products, but not to kill.

When you call their competitors, enemies, you close off opportunities in business. Today's competitors become tomorrow's partners.

3. "Failure"

Would you like people to always agree with your ideas? Tempting prospect. But in life all differently, and people often perceive your views with hostility.

Of course, you can perceive people's defenses, as a failure. And to realize that in fact it is simply your desire does not coincide with the wishes of the other person.

Instead focus on the word that automatically makes you unhappy, focus on finding a new approach to the question or discuss the idea with anyone else.

4. "Hate"

In conversations we often hear phrases like "I Hate my boss" or "Hate my job". "Hate" is a harmful word, it causes illness in your body. Every time you pronounce it, you like to infect your body with cancer cells.

It's not about that, to be taken in rainbow colors, just why clutter up their minds with hatred for what was liboil anyone?

5. "But"

Surely you know people who are the discussion of any matter done by the Union "but".

It sounds approximately so: "Great idea, but..." or "I Agree that we must act, but...". The Union "but" frustrating and kills any desire to do something.

But the solution is simple: replace "but" with "and". Check this recipe in action, when you feel that your chavot's about to burst another "but".

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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