8 tips on how to achieve success from the floor ARDENA

A few tips on how to achieve success in the world's best-selling book by Paul Arden - "It is not important who you are and what you want to become someone»

The book "What matters is not who you are, and then what you want to be» -
Pocket Bible for talented but shy, which will help
make the impossible possible. World gurus advertising
Paul Arden offers his wise counsel on a variety of topics -
problem-solving, communication and everything else,
what you need in today's realities

Paul Arden - a creative person, a genius in the field of advertising, unpredictable man with unlimited potential. His track record of working in an advertising agency «Saatchi & Saatchi» and in the London production company «Arden Sutherland Dodd».

Paul Arden says that if we are to take place as a person, our path should not lie on a reliable well-trodden paths. It is for the excitement, risk, confidence in themselves and their ideas. Our success - a new reality where all our faculties are opened and put into practice all of our deepest dreams and desires.


A major step to success - well-chosen target. We need to understand what level of success we want to achieve what we want to become a professional: good, good, very good, the best in their field or in the best in the world? Talent is important, but the ambition give us a second wind in the most difficult moment.

A few tips on how to achieve success in the world's best-selling book by Paul Arden:

You can achieve the unachievable. Repeat yourself that there is no limit to your ability. You are omnipotent. If it is difficult to accept it, take the first step - raise your bar. Do what you think you can not overpower. Bring their ideas to life. And then the impossible becomes possible.
Do not look for praise. Look for criticism. We all crave approval, but it has more laziness than action. It powerlessness, not power. Most often, we filter the information and hear what we like, and not what is objective. Even after brilliant work, ask yourself: "What can I improve?».
it's my fault. The main culprit of most troubles in your life - you. Stop blaming others. Take responsibility for your life, for his choice and for his work. You would not be justified if the failure, but if you find the strength in themselves to acknowledge its responsibility for everything that happens, then you will not look miserable. Hold the course for a better life.
Do not wait for another opportunity. Use opportunities. Please act now. The best case would not manifest itself. You want to become a professional? So act!
Do not give empty promises. Remember the cardinal rule: "If instead of loud slogans you point to potential problems and ways to solve them, not only will gain confidence and learn to cope with difficulties. And if something goes wrong, you will be a winner ».
Never take "no" answers. If you hear a "no", then use the plan "B", and then the remaining letters of the alphabet.
Unable to solve the problem? So, you play by the rules. Do not mistake the one who does nothing. It is important to remember that if we got lost, then only the new route will be able to help. Failure - step to success. Always be right wrong. Always be right boring. This limits. You can not open up new ideas and to live "on the edge". After all, life manifests itself in flight, in an attempt, at risk, adrenaline.
Do not be afraid to work with the best. The main objective of strong people - a good result. With talented people is not easy, but the result of working with them justify any expectations.
Anyone can achieve success. Each hidden talent. Just find the strength to extract creative laziness of thick film is difficult. In the book by Paul Arden "It is not important who you are and what you want to become someone" you can find answers to various questions with which we are confronted on a daily basis. For example, "What is the advantage of dismissal?", "How to be more creative?", "How to expand your company?", "What should I do when I'm at a dead end?».

Do not be afraid to experiment. Make the impossible possible today, because "Success - is the ability to move from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm».

Marina Poznyakova


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