Build a beautiful and simple relationships by developing the quality inherent in the relationship people happy!

Have you ever thought about the fact that some people are lucky with a good attitude, they do not even have to make an effort to do so. But it's more than just luck. In fact, it has little to do with what they do and a lot to do with what they allow themselves to be.

Below are a few qualities of the people who usually carries a great relationship. With such knowledge, and with some effort, you can develop these qualities in yourself. Thus, you can build a beautiful and simple relations.

1. They do not allow your past to determine their future
As long as you will experience that you can repeat the "failed relationship" their parents, or vice versa, you will never be able to build such a perfect relationship, like them, you will not be able to build their own great relationship. No matter what it is you are afraid, get strength to fight it. Start with the fact that they recognize themselves in this bay, then regularly remind yourself that you are not bound to a specific fate. You and only you are building your life, and you have enough power to create a successful union. If you find that off course, you can always fix it. If in the past you have made a mistake, take a lesson from it.

2. They are sincere
People who are in serious, deep relationships, not afraid to be themselves. They are not afraid to show their faces, and therefore allow you to do the same thing and its partners.

3. They are confident in their own abilities
If you're hoping that your partner will make you feel good and confident, then your relationship will be difficult to name simple. I'm not saying that you should never doubt yourself (it's impossible), I say that insecurity should not be your "default function". Treat yourself well - is not a "problem №1» your partner.

4. They try to inspire their partners, not change them
Between the desire to change someone and the desire to inspire someone to change is a subtle difference. The difference lies in the motivation: the desire to change someone works for you. And the desire to inspire someone to ensure that change for its own sake, will benefit both of you.

5. They can afford to be vulnerable
When we are vulnerable, we allow the other person to see us as we really are, and even more to look into the deepest corners of our souls. Thus was born the confidence - a feeling which can not be achieved simply words.

6. They are not victims, and give willingly
Give each other in two ways: either you sacrifice for the sake of another man (suggesting that you give something to their side), or you give generously (in other words free to give something to someone you love). This, though subtle, but powerful switch mindset that will help you feel all the charm of your novel.

7. They do not hold grudges
When you hold someone hurt, it means that you want the other person to continue to feel guilty, and it is a destructive emotion. Being in a relationship with someone who is in a state of emotional resentment, it will never lead to lasting, prosperous, trust union between two people.

8. They allow you to be your partner an expert in some area
There is nothing more destructive to the relationship than the constant competition: who's better and who can cope with anything. People who are on excellent terms can clearly see the best qualities of his partner, and they do not feel the need to outdo him. The only way to appreciate the strengths of your partner - is to know and be proud of their own.

9. They know how to make your partner laugh
Smiling, being spontaneous, impulsive reaction unites two people together more. When we laugh, disappear any obstacles; we allow ourselves to be real. Through laughter we fill ratio ease and playfulness.

In the comments below, I would like to hear from you: on which of these items you would like to work with? I recommend choosing one of the qualities and try to develop it in yourself.



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