Secrets of a wise woman from whom men do not go and build strong family relationships

From what women leave men? There is no single answer, and often it sounds prosaic - "From all!". However, moving away from - hysterical, flighty, refusing in the vicinity and not watching their appearance ... So maybe the problem is not at all feminine qualities, but something else?

Here are a few secrets of women from which men do not go away:

The man - not the meaning of life, not the center of the world, not the ultimate dream. The world is much broader and more interesting than the mere presence of men in women's lives. That is why it should not hang, it is not necessary to wait around it is not necessary to be twisted from him is not necessary to depend - just be there and enjoy the closeness.
Every woman is at least theoretically should be able to get away from her man. It should be self-sufficient financially, is consistent professional and self-sufficient personality. This woman is very afraid to lose - in contrast to the burden that will have a lifetime to drag on itself.
The woman - is always a homemaker. And nothing else. Let it not cross stitching - but bakes pies breathtaking. Do not bake cakes - even fry the tastiest burgers in the world. The man never leaves the house in which his tasty food and where he always ironed shirt.
Man should not give women all the money. For any reason, under any pretext. And again, a woman, from which no man go, never searched his pockets. Even if she knows exactly what the right is a bank card, and the left - Centerfolds card.
The woman - is not only a lover, housewife and mother of his children. It is necessary - one. Males seriously suffer spiritual loneliness - they definitely need to share plans, discuss everyday, advise and counsel. At least for the little things.
The woman, from which men do not go away, never annoys his companion. She was not happy with the scandals, not plagues suspicions, do not tear a bad mood on others, not saws and manipulates. She was always talking and negotiating. And if you do not agree - simply leaves.
She always strives for excellence. She tries to look good. She struggles with his addictions. She enjoys spending money on themselves - and, therefore, its image in the eyes of other men.
The woman, from which men do not go away with respect and reverence barely concealed passions refers to his companion. And always has.
A woman should be weak, but has no right to be stupid.
The woman, from which no man go, loves himself. And so easily and fully loves her man.


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