Ulcers modern society

The sins of modern society
We live in a consumer society, and we want it or not, we play by its rules, sometimes without realizing it. Of course, we console ourselves thinking that life under control and everything is good, but is it?

Credit cards
Peter Klyushkin gets 30 thousand rubles a month. He also has several credit cards with a total debt of 100 thousand rubles. A service of this loan to pay the bank each month Peter ten per cent of his salary, three thousand. It turns out almost tithe. If Peter worship the golden calf, he would, perhaps, such a situation would suit. However, Peter pray to other gods, and its banks are quietly hates for monthly extortion. At the same time gradually repay the loan and pay tribute to the cease-lenders Peter can not. First, it holds firmly on the hook this technique as a "minimum payment" if Peter will stop spending money with credit cards, it will have in a few months to live on half the salary, which he can not afford. And secondly, there are so many temptations, so many things-that-can-buy-for-money ... that Peter sees no other way out but to continue year after year to feed his trouble zhiruyuschie banks.

Fun fact: Peter has long been dreaming about their own business, while the profitability of thirty percent per annum over it would suit. However, to organize an absolutely iron gesheft - pay the bank debt, and start putting interest on the loan in his pocket - Peter can not. Matrix does not start.

Kohl Piglet loves cars. Before he went on the subway, then I save money for Lada. Who moves borrowed Lancer. Money had to bleed, often have to skimp on the most important, such as a vacation or doctors. But life without your car is no longer Kohl. He should give the credit for the car, pay for vtyuhat dealer accessories and absurdly expensive insurance. He needs to deal with a bunch of small problems with parking, with scratches, replacing consumables and warranty repairs. He needs time to change tires in the season and three times a week to fill yourself full tank. Kohl, in principle, does not complain. Every single injection of money into the car quite posilen. That's only if Kohl's carefully calculated the cost of ownership of his treasure, he would have found that narrow-eyed chetverokolesny each month consumes one-third of his salary and half of his free time.
Kohl could buy instead of Lancer's good old Lada chisel not to bother at all either Hull or rust / scratch or expensive spare parts? To throw the car anywhere, and in order to be repaired for a small price in good service next to the house, no paper fuss and without the queues? Probably could. But if you say Kole, he chose a machine not level, Kohl's will not even send you in the ass with your advice. Kohl just do astonished eyes and wagged his finger at his temple.

Expensive items
Gleb Scherblyunich not rich enough to buy cheap things. More precisely, he is not rich. Gleb - rogue, and the money he often does not even enough for a cup of steaming coffee in the machine on the floor below his office. However, to say "go to hell, it's too expensive for me," Hleb can not. Because of this, he always buys things at the sight of which even the much more secured man's throat immediately merge cold green legs. Leather jacket price of two salaries? I'm not rich enough to buy cheap things. And I do not care that the size and shaped Gleb does not understand, because of what looks like a son of the jacket fence. Notebook latest model of eighty thousand? I'm not rich enough to buy cheap things. I'll take credit for the insane interest will be two years to eat porridge with salt and ride a hare on the subway, but I will gather dust on a shelf beautiful silver laptop.
The question, and what would Gleb not be modest and not buy their stuff a little worse, but it is ten times cheaper? Yes, it's simple. Gleb lazy spent three hours of time to posravnivat prices and specifications to calculate the pros and cons of buying. He simply cavalierly rubanut hand and say, "I have decided, I buy." In addition, despite the worn boots and tape taped glasses, Gleb hesitate to inform the seller that it is rogue.

Yegor Oskopchik constantly tells a familiar story, one another just amazing. About the crisis. About some politotu rallies. Egor always on edge, he always someone wrong: the boss, the policeman, the popularly elected president of the Russian Federation. Of course, we live in a free country, and Egor has the right circle of friends obkladyvat genitals anyone ... but Egor constantly suffering because of other people's problems. The habit to go into other people's problems on a regular basis makes it feel oppressive weakness, aware that somewhere there is something bad, but it can not change anything. If Yegor anyone explain that our world is not fair, and that the only way to make it better - start with yourself, Yegor, probably would already have been on any management position. Brains and hands Yegor in place, the energy of it and rushing. Here are just Yegor unfortunately, prefers to spend his inexhaustible energy in creative activity, and on conviction and punishment of people who - according to Yegor - misbehave.
Yegor considers himself well adapted to the life of man: he knows how to row and stand on his own, can on occasion even in the face to give. Friends also looking at Yegor with ill-concealed pity. Since Egor constantly vlyapyvaetsya on level ground in the scandals, the fights, even in some ridiculous courts.

Unwillingness to learn
Dasha Gundogubova spent ten years at the school, and six years in the institute. It is terrible to count how many tens of thousands of hours she spent in dusty classrooms, intense listening to the mournful mutter inarticulate teachers. Dasha is proud of its Blue diploma, and never misses an opportunity to brag loudest letters of the institution, which she managed to obsidet. However, Dasha lazy to spend one day to learn how to work properly in Word. Because of this, it makes the documents three times longer than it should, and the documents obtained very ugly. Dasha does not see any problem. The administration believes is unfair Dasha fool, and pays her half as much as less than the smartest Kate. So Kate, despite all its shortcomings, has mastered the Word still at a decent level.
More Dasha lazy to spend a few nights to finish the driving school. Therefore, Dasha does not feel the dimensions of its beautiful cars, parked 10 minutes where a skilled driver would be parked for a few seconds, and at least every six months falls into the absurdity of the accident.
Until the pile Dasha very tight opens the lock on the front door. Every evening Dasha long Sherudilo it key wincing every sound in the front and pushing the key from different angles. At the same time, spend five minutes and find a solution to the problem of the Internet in the head Dasha did not come. Unfortunately, at the time of issue of the diploma Dasha forgot to say that the freebie is over, and that the duty to force yourself to learn is now entrusted to it personally.

Ethanolic loop
Jura Skobleplyuhin periodically looks in the mirror and thinks that it would be necessary, finally, to enroll in a gym: clean beer belly and vzbordrit muscle weights, dumbbells. However, Yuri works five days a week, and after work drinks a cup or two of diluted ethanol. He was not an alcoholic: Jura believes that alcohol in small doses, if not useful, at least not particularly harmful. However, the work and the alcohol so well structured his time that enroll in the gym he strongly once, and feats of strength after labor feats in the sport does not remain.
Acute reason to change the rhythm of his life in the Jura not. Just Jura looks fifteen years older than his age and always feels a bit nasty ... but overall everything is OK. Matrix keeps Yura steel grip. Chance to break from his throat her fingers in the Jura, quite frankly, a little bit.

Bad teeth
Grisha Snegiryak did not suffer from a toothache. He knows that he has a deep caries fourteen teeth ... but nothing particularly right now it hurts, and a visit to the dentist, like how you can put off. Gregory understands that tooth decay - it's not cold, by itself it will not pass. Gregory understands that to insert dentures - this long and painful, and expensive. Gregory understands that to delay the visit to the dentist is not necessary. But he is now so many cases, and it is now so urgent spending ... Well, cure Grisha is now one tooth. What will change? It will be another thirteen patients. Matrix rarely leaves his servants strength to take care of health. Matrix requires the first slaves to pay off her bills.

Weddings and birthdays
Alice Skotinenok married. Alice works as an assistant manager of her choice - Junior Engineering Technical Support. The budget of the newly created families - forty thousand rubles a month. Budget wedding - five hundred thousand. Why not sign Alice quietly in the registry office and do not go to celebrate the exchange of rings together with her husband in some quiet restaurant? Why it this petrosyanisty toastmaster why it these shameful contests why it this crowd of drunken rednecks, stamped their feet awkwardly under Verka Serduchka? Why should we get into debt, ruin the parents to feed and water the people who, let's face it, it is able to eat and drink at his own expense? Alisa's not stupid and understands that if it will not hold a wedding, no one on this and not pay attention to: shrug and forget the next day.
The reasons for lower nowhere annual household income Alice two. Firstly, because it tells the Matrix in the face of our customs and traditions. Second, Alice wants to show off in a white dress and Alice believes that the year of two persons - the price is quite normal for some wedding pictures. Of course, advocates of a naive girl could say now that the wedding is a once in a life ... But there are birthdays, funerals, mark the New Year. How much money will be Alice down annually for those stupid gatherings?

Bob Zhimobryuhov plumber working on call. There are one thousand, five hundred rubles here ... in general would have to get good earnings. However, more than a couple of thousand of John's in your wallet does not usually splash, he almost always broke. Why is that? Because Bob how to make money, so spend them and not considering. Five hundred rubles for a taxi home. A thousand rubles for a dinner in the restaurant. It's like, work and work ... and there is no money.
If Bob got himself a notebook and began to record all income and expenses, it would be horror stirred the hair on your ass. Bob would see, what to eat in the restaurant - it's not pathetic thousand at a time, he thought, and fifty thousand a month, six hundred thousand a year. Bob would see that the taxi - it is convenient and comfortable, but two months movements shuttles allow him to buy a new computer, which he dreams of the past three years. However, as befits a normal servant Matrix, count money Vasya did not consider it necessary.

Lena Vurdalakina cola drinks, smokes Marlboro, Stimorol chewing and eating three throat gambugery at McDonald's. From it always smells of Dolce Gabbana, and your iPhone is in the bag Lena from luivitton. At the same time Lena sure if advertising it has no effect, and a sick stomach and an empty wallet - it's her own choice. Predatory snout on TV choir support Lena in her naive delusion: "You free man, darling, you're intelligent and beautiful woman, you are always completely voluntary and independently choose which of us you dutifully Take it his next salary».



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