Broccoli is an indispensable source of health

Broccoli lowers inflammation in the body. Its daily consumption will help to cope with inflammation of the respiratory tract, reduce allergic reaction to some substances and prevent an asthma attack. Anti-inflammatory protection associated with the "work" of sulforaphane.Broccoli prevents stomach ulcers.

This cabbage is an excellent tool for the prevention and treatment of stomach ulcers, which are formed under the influence of pathogenic bacteria. Research by American experts argue that after a few months of daily consumption of broccoli in the test there was an increase in the body's resistance to bacteria and accelerate healing of the ulcer.Broccoli will help heal the lungs. Not so long ago in scientific publications there is another good news about broccoli.

Regular consumption of broccoli inflorescences will help in the fight against pathogenic bacteria in the lungs. Use broccoli within 3 years will help to completely clean out my lungs from pathogenic bacteria.Broccoli and cancer. For a long time all know that people who eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, have plenty of chances to avoid cancer. The broccoli belongs to the most important position in this defense. All the same sulforaphane is the main "fighter" against cancer thanks to its antioxidant properties.

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