Created the fabric, which absorbs sweat and stays dry

Sweat stains on clothes can go into the past with a new type of fabric, which was developed by the American scientists. Innovative material does not absorb sweat, as this would make a natural fabric and not repel it, as a synthetic material. It is permeated with a multitude of microchannels that transporterowych liquid from one side surface to another, forming droplets that quickly evaporate.
A fabric invented in the laboratory of micro and nanotechnology at the University of California at Davis under the direction Tingrui pan, Professor of biomedical engineering.

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Firmware hydrophobic (water-repellent) fabric hydrophilic (water-loving) thread, scientists have found a new microfluidic platform textiles that can absorb the incoming liquid, and then bring it in the required direction. Due to the strong pressure gradient, which is created by the force of surface tension drops of water can easily pass through capillaries even if they are full of liquid.

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Thanks to this micro fabric not just can remain completely dry, but also breathes, making the technology interesting for companies that produce clothes. Experts say they have developed technology that is compatible with the process of textile production and makes it very easy to establish a mass

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