Quality Turkish textiles to hotels and restaurants

Five million eight hundred forty eight thousand one hundred forty two

White or colored bathrobes, towels and crisp white linen, mattress covers, tablecloths – all the textiles from the "Starfall-Pram courier". Such products are offered to restaurants, hotel complexes, SPA-salons. Highlights:
  • the all natural composition of fabrics;
  • quality tailoring;
  • durability.
Chosen accordingly to the style and decoration of rooms, halls, offices. Sold in sets and individually. The textiles presented on Zorepad.com.ua that is the quality and longevity of operation. Therefore it is used in the most prestigious establishments.

Varieties of textile for restaurants and hotels
With proper design of the restaurant, all the decor elements in the room are chosen in the same style. So in such places you can feel the harmony and comfort. So, purchase napkins, tablecloths and covers for furniture in the spotlight.

The same can be said of the resorts. Hoteliers choose carefully:
  • bedding sets – from natural, durable fabrics and tactile effect; the popularity of sateen, coarse calico, percale;
  • towels can be Terry or waffle fabric; also available in pure white or color; matched sets for multiple units of different sizes, but in the same style;
  • bathrobes including Terry, waffle, velour; can be used after taking a shower, or SPA-procedures.
At the request of the buyer on textiles can be printed logo. All products are presented in different price categories. Paid goods are delivered to the buyers from Ukraine for free.

Bathrobes — textiles with excellent quality
High requirements, even to the smallest details in the design of luxury hotels present visitors. That is why the owners of these establishments pay great attention to comfortable stay of every guest. In the complexes of business and elite class is considered mandatory the presence of not only bed linen, but towels, robes.

Bathrobes choose on the following criteria:
  • quality and natural composition of the material;
  • availability of all sizes;
  • longevity of operation with frequent washings.

Proposed in THEM "Zorepad Prime Minister" of the Turkish textile meets all these requirements. These products have many years of use convenient services.


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