Ghost town reveals the secrets of brave tourists

Pripyat – city of the Chernobyl zone of high national importance. What could be more interesting and exciting than the "forbidden fruit". The exclusion zone within a radius of 30 km 32 years later, is considered to be safe to visit, but still complying with strict conditions on the way to visit makes it even more interesting for tourists.

The life of the whole city, staying in one moment, after more than three decades, is mesmerizing and is the most incredible emotions and feelings. Pripyat – a Museum of memory of multitudes of human lives and destinies. Even after all these years, looking into the window of any of the deserted houses, the impression of a photograph in reality.

Every square meter of the city has kept it young families, young children, families with a history of joyful and mundane household chores that suddenly broke the tragedy.

Every remaining thing that tourists happen to meet, walking on the exclusion zone, — chair, children's toy, a piece of newspaper, Drapes, sun-damaged – all living witnesses to one's fate. Ghost town with ghosts. The town filled with one common heart filled with love for one's home, it seems, still awaits the return of its inhabitants.

Pripyat is not just frozen in time town
Visit Pripyat – means not just to experience a number of unusual sensations and emotions. Pripyat is an opportunity to reevaluate reality, new eyes to look at my own routine, considering it to absolutely other criteria of happiness.

Planned trip to Pripyat, you should contact Go2Chernobyl, visit the company website Go2chernobyl. The price paid for the trip to the pearl of the exclusion zone, provides the tourists:
  • full security;
  • the knowledge of the mysteries and secrets of Ghost town, unknown even to the Internet;
  • the test of the most incredible sensations.

Pripyat is beautiful at any time of the year and mysterious, both day and night. A striking contrast in still life architectural structures, industrial plants and public areas, surprisingly paired with a riot of wildlife. The flora and fauna of the exclusion zone is the only witness that this is not a time machine, and life, continue to fight for their rights.

20 memorable locations plus a visit to the secret objects in space, post-Apocalypse, but not revive him.

There are many reasons why to visit Pripyat. But chief among them is the nuclear charge of emotions for a lifetime!


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