Canadian ghost town frozen in 80 (59 photos)

Imagine a small town on the bay, almost 100 different buildings, shopping center, library, swimming pool and not a soul around. And so for 20 years. Welcome to Kitsolt, a ghost town in the Canadian province of British Columbia. In Kitsolta very unusual fate. He was destined to be born in a distant wilderness, suddenly losing all residents and die, and as suddenly reborn. Well, almost reborn. House renovated, roads cleared, running water and electricity, but there is still Kitsolte residents.

Kitsolt located on the edge of the world, a few dozen kilometers from the US border, and Alaska. And this is really the edge, even on Canadian standards, quite frankly, not the most exacting standards in the world. To paraphrase the famous song - "If you go long on the dirt on the road, it is possible to come away." For a long time - about 20 hours away - it is 1440 kilometers from Vancouver, including a decent haul the dirt road. The nearest town is about 200 kilometers to the south.

The town is privately owned and you can get into it only with the permission of the owner.

The town owes its appearance Kitsolt American Phelps Dodge Mining Corporation and molybdenum mine, which is located nearby. It was built in a very short period of time in 1979 as housing for the workers of the mine and their families. The price of molybdenum has a high earner and the company invested in the construction of the city for 1200 people, consisting of 92 detached houses, several residential buildings with 210 apartments, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, libraries, and even an indoor Olympic pool. The project cost about 250 million. Dollars. Everything was done to create the most comfortable environment for working and living far away from civilization in the harsh conditions of the north of Canada. It could only draw here on a permanent job required skilled personnel. The houses have telephones and cable TV. The shopping center opened a post office, bank, supermarket and restaurant. In the evening you can go to a bar or a game of curling. At the city pier were numerous yachts and boats. Houses were decorated with modern furniture around manicured lawns, wide asphalt track, lights and benches for rest. Against the backdrop of the stunning nature of the north, it seemed almost a fairy tale.

At home it is clear that they are not new and are without a host for many years, but this is normal houses in which you can now settle people.

But a fairy tale come true quickly became, in 1982, just 18 months after the settlement of the city, the price of molybdenum has fallen sharply and the mine had to be closed, and all work on the production stop. The city became a financial burden. In this situation, all that is left to do is to immediately take the workers and their families on the mainland, and about the city forget. The last inhabitants left it in 1983, leaving furniture and equipped with all necessary home, library, swimming pool and shopping center. For many years, he was the only resident caretaker, who lived here year round with his wife and dog. In winter, it swept up the road and transport links missing. Communication was only on the radio, and in an emergency you can call the helicopter. Of course, if the weather permitted (here I immediately thought "The Shining" by Stephen King).

About the city talking again when in 1992 it was entirely for sale for 23, 5 million dollars. Rush this proposal is not caused. The city on the edge of the earth was no use. Having stood empty 13 years he was finally sold to a Canadian businessman of Indian origin Krishnan Sufantiranu just $ 7 million. Although it is difficult to say a lot or a little in fact.


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