Polar bears emerge from their dens after hibernation

I offer you a selection of interesting and unusual photos of polar bears with cubs, which are selected from their dens after hibernation.
Photographer Steve Bloom spent a lot of time in the Arctic regions of Norway and Canada, taking pictures of these amazing animals.

The photo - bear with cubs in Canada.

Every winter, the female polar bear digs a den where they give birth to cubs - typically two kids there, but in exceptional cases the number may reach four. The cubs are born around the time of the beginning of winter, probably in December and January. A cozy den in the snow, warm side by mother's milk, which she nurtures children and which is rich in fat and very nutritious, allows kids to be warm and to grow rapidly until they finally leave the den, accompanied by his mother in March or April. The photo - bear with cubs in Churchill, Canada.

For several days after the first release of a bear den, accompanied by cubs make only short outing - it is necessary that the kids used to the low ambient temperature. Then the family leaves the den forever and moves towards the sea. There, on the ice, the mother teaches the kids to hunt, swim and survive in harsh climatic conditions. In the photo - the polar bear cub watches the playing in the snow-covered woods of Canada.

After nearly two years together, the family breaks up, and the whole cycle starts over again. In the photo: two families of polar bears on ice not far from Churchill, Canada.


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