The largest land predator gets up on his hind legs

When the largest land predator gets up on his hind legs - a fascinating spectacle: at this point the head of the beast is on 2-3 meters height. But why do bears get up? Firstly, bears stand on their hind legs to intimidate the enemy. At this point, they want to be higher and more powerful blow with his paw:

Birds on a periodic disassembly do not pay any attention:

Secondly, in order to better examine the surrounding countryside. Bears have a good sense of smell and acute hearing, but rather weak zrenie.

As always behaved bear at a meeting with a man? Trying to escape. But first, it almost always gets up on his hind legs. So it is easier to see the person or another danger in the grass, rocks and other obstacles. Bears can be dangerous to humans in areas where they are used to people, especially the polar bear and grizzly bear. But even when he attacks bear all the same drops to all fours, and will not run after you two. Kickback honor:

The bear can stand on its hind legs while fishing for a closer look fish in the water. In general, this stand gives it an edge in any hunt. Bears do not focus on the real estate objects and that is literally near nih.

Bears stand on their hind legs to research unfamiliar objects. These animals are very curious, though not as koshki.

About curiosity bears have a lot of stories. "One day we went to the other roads in the wilderness. Suddenly the mountain not far from us rolled a large stone, about the size of one meter on. We stopped, looked up and saw the bear standing on its hind legs. He stared at his next stone, pushed it and watched with curiosity as he rolls down the hill. Here's a fun bear ยป.

Bears stand on their hind legs when frightened, wounded, dragging production in its lair, or to reach a high located veschi.

Bear on its hind legs looks pretty funny and something like a man who has put on a costume:

When bears mark territory, they also stand on its hind legs. These labels can be found on the trunks of mostly coniferous trees. Predator makes their teeth at the height of its growth. Grazed the bark starts at the top and at the height of arm legs standing on its hind legs bear. He pulls and pulls front paw claws crust on top vniz.

That's how a lot of important reasons the bear stand upright!



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