Creepy abandoned places (31 photos)

They say the only permanence in life - it changes. Literature on the history - one of the ways to understand the course of time, but there are tangible monuments that can tell a lot about old times. And if one of these places looked after and cared for, and sometimes interesting are the ones that are in disrepair for a long time. Here are some the most ghostly places around the world, each of which has its own special charm.

Under all this dust, rust and cracks are hidden stories of people who once lived there, prayed daily activities. And when you try to imagine these people and their life is born a special atmosphere and nostalgia. It seems as if people recently gathered their belongings and walked away. On the other hand, it is interesting to watch how some things that once belonged to the people who are now returning to nature. Cooling chamber in Belgium.

This is part of the cooling tower abandoned power station in Mons, Belgium. Funnel-shaped structure in the center of the hot water, which is then cooled, merging in hundreds of small concrete gutters.

Kolmanskop, Namibia. This is a small abandoned settlement in Namibia, to flourish in the early 1900s. Then German settlers began mining diamonds here. Inflows ended after World War I, when the diamond field started to dwindle. By the 1950s, the city was completely abandoned by people, and now come here only photographers and tourists.

Floating wood in Sydney. This is a large body of the steamer SS Ayrfield, who decided to look at Homebush Bay, Australia, after the Second World War. But when the shipyard closed, the ship, as well as several others, have remained where they were abandoned. Now it is a beautiful and mysterious floating forest, which serves as an example of what nature can survive always and everywhere.

Sea forts Munsell, England. These forts erected near the mouths of the rivers Thames and Mersey in the UK so that they protect the country against a potential threat from the German air during the Second World War. When in 1950 they were taken out of service, there lived a few people, including operators of pirate radio stations, as well as the Principality of Sealand was, the self-proclaimed independent state.

The Last House on the Dutch island, USA. This house was once part of a pretty successful colony island in Chesapeake Bay in the United States. However, due to the rapid erosion of the island was less and less space. The house in the photo was the last on the island, before collapsing in 2010.

Pripyat, Ukraine. Pripyat - abandoned city in northern Ukraine, in Kiev region. The city is situated on the banks of the Pripyat River, 3 km from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, near the border with Belarus. Distance from Kiev - 94 km. Pripyat was founded February 4, 1970. General reason the city's foundation was the construction and subsequent operation one of Europe's largest nuclear power plant, Chernobyl - city-forming enterprise, which gave the city the title of Pripyat nuclear scientists. Pripyat was the ninth in the Soviet Union atomogradom.

In many workers lived in Pripyat Chernobyl, whose work over a major disaster in 1986. After the evacuation of Pripyat remains radioactive ghost town, which can be visited only with specialized attendant.

House of the Bulgarian Communist Party. Former building houses a memorial built in the 1980s in honor of the Bulgarian Communist Party, today scary looks both inside and outside. This building, like a flying saucer, went into decline after the collapse of the USSR. Now it is a ghost of its former facilities, although there is talk about how to begin work on the restoration.

Amusement Park Nara Dreamland, Japan. The park opened in 1961. But by 2006 had already been closed. Now it is a popular place among the city "discoverers", although the guards periodically patrol the territory and impose penalties on violators, they enter a closed area.

Uninhabited island in southeast Florida, USA. These small domes were built in 1981 at Cape Romano, near the coast of the United States. They have been the summer residence of the oil tycoon Bob Lee, but then left derelict. It is still unclear what fate awaits them.

Abandoned Mill, Italy. This building in the Valley of the mills in Sorrento was abandoned in 1866. Once there was milled wheat, and nearby is a sawmill. The mill was isolated from the sea after the construction of Tasso Square, because of which the humidity level in the region has increased, and the mill had to leave.

Michigan Central Station in Detroit, USA. Station was built in 1913 to create a new transport hub. However, several construction errors led to the fact that the station was forced to close in 1988.

The fate of the station is still not resolved, but it showed up in several films, such as in "8 Mile," Eminem.

The sunken boat, Antarctica. This eerie ghost ship is «Mar Sem Fim» - Brazilian yacht sank near Ardley Cove in Antarctica. The yacht Brazilian crew decided to make a documentary, but because of the strong winds and storm it had to leave. Water trapped on the ship, frozen, pierced body and sank the boat.

Abandoned House New Bedford, USA. This is an old theater in Massachusetts. It was opened in 1912 and closed in 1959. Since then, he has managed to get the tobacco storage and supermarket. Now a non-profit organization is trying to raise funds for the renovation of the building.

Abandoned Station, Abkhazia. This station in Sukhumi was abandoned during the war in Abkhazia in 1992 and 1993. As a result of the conflict between Georgia and Russia, the region was abandoned, but the station is still preserved traces of her former greatness, for example, a delightful stucco.

Abandoned wooden house, Russia.

All of these ornate buildings are in the Russian province. Some of them are surrounded by forests.

It is thanks to its remoteness, they remained intact.

Underwater city in Shichene, China. This incredible underwater city lost in time, in 1341. Shichen, or Lion City, is located in Zhejiang Province in eastern China. It sank in 1959 during the construction of hydroelectric power plants. Water protects the city from the erosion of wind and rain, so that it remains in relatively good condition.

Abandoned subway station in New York, USA. This beautiful metro station is directly under the mayor's office in New York. That's why a lot of attention was paid to its design, but because of the neighboring stations that never received proper attention from the public, and its curved route considered safe enough. The station was closed in 1945, and it still remains closed, except for a few exclusive tours for tourists.

Hotel Salto, Colombia. The hotel opened in 1928 next to the waterfall Tequendama Falls in Columbia, to serve tourists arriving to enjoy the 157-meter waterfall. Closed the hotel in the early 90s, after interest waned to the waterfall. But in 2012 this place was turned into a museum.

Abandoned subway tunnel in Kiev, Ukraine. This photo was taken in the subway near Kiev. Many tunnels partially flooded, and stalactites hang from the ceiling.

Abandoned submarine base in Balaklava, Ukraine. While this framework is not fully abandoned, it still impresses. Until its closure in 1993, it was one of the secret bases on the territory of the USSR. Today is National Maritime Museum.

Abandoned military hospital in Bielice, Germany.

This major hospital complex would be built in the late 1800s. It Adolf Hitler was recovering from a foot injury received during the Battle of the Somme in 1916. Some parts of the complex still work, but the majority were zabroshenyposle how Russian authorities left the hospital in 1995.

Hasim Island, Japan. This island has many names, including the name Warship (because of its shape) and Phantom island. From the late 1800s to late 1900s, the island was inhabited, because it offers access to underwater coal mines.

However, as Japan has gradually shifted from coal to gasoline, mines (and buildings that have arisen around them) have closed, leaving a ghost island, reminiscent of the ghost of a warship.

UFO house in San Zhi, Taiwan. These alien home Sanchzhi originally were to be the resort houses, particularly for American military officers who were serving in Asia. However, due to low levels of investment and accidents with cars this place had to close in 1980, shortly after it was built. Unfortunately, these amazing buildings were demolished in 2010.

Abandoned church in the snow.



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