Abandoned places with mysterious stories

You are offered a selection of surprising and mysterious abandoned places across the globe.

The mystery ghost ship

The yacht called «Circle Line V», designed for patrolling the coastal waters of the Atlantic Ocean, was built in 1902 in Wilmington (pcs. Of Delaware). In the same year it was launched and for the next 80 years, several times changed owners. In 1984 the ship was found abandoned here in the Ohio River, near the town of Lourensburg (Indiana). No one understands how it could be here.

Abandoned ship in the desert

The very fact of the ships of the desert can be easily explained - once at this place they sailed on the Aral Sea. Country Other - really the sea dried up and turned into a desert so quickly that the ships were caught off guard? The drop in water level in the Aral Sea is called "one of the worst environmental disasters in the world", it has led to significant changes in the local climate.

Monument Yonaguni, Japan

The so-called "Yonaguni Monument" was discovered in 1997 and since then around the hotly disputed. Nobody is safe can not tell what it is - whether it is a natural phenomenon of education, or is it the handiwork of man. Are ocean currents could square a whole lump of rock so that it looked like a man-made monument?

City of San Zhi with houses-UFOs, Taiwan

The town of San Zhi was built in 1978 and was supposed to be a luxury resort. But rest here no one had - in 1980 the town was completely abandoned. There are several theories why this happened. Some called economic reasons, others believe that this place has become the abode of souls of the dead.

Shack in the National Park Berchtesgaden

It is a solitary building in the middle of a mountain lake. It explained its purpose - a hangar for storage of boats. Once the track led to it, the disappearance of which remains without an explanation.

Sunken Alexandria

The ruins of the ancient city of Alexandria, had lain at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea more than 1,600 years. And today, with the appropriate equipment, you can see well-preserved statues fascinating. Archaeologists suggest that Alexander was under water as a result of a series of earthquakes and tsunamis. But who knows what really happened?

Source: deleysk.ru


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