Abandoned objects of the world. Part 27.

Today, there will be two abandoned object:
Unfinished - House of Soviets (Russia Kaliningrad) and abandoned parking tower cranes (Belarus).
Let's start with the first:
Construction of the house councils began in 1967 on the site of the blown up the Order of the Royal Castle of Konigsberg. 16-storey building, according to the city planners, was to become an architectural dominant of the central part of Kaliningrad. And then we found that because of the voids under the building with a load of the building gives way and could collapse. Due to the termination of funding in 80 years the construction of the House of Soviets was frozen. The people are often referred to as "Zakopane robot" because It resembles a giant robot head, which was buried in the ground on the shoulders.
Abandoned objects of the world. Part 26.

Parking abandoned tower cranes (Belarus)
16 cranes are two orderly rows, a few lies in disassembled form.

Source: lostgorod.narod.ru


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