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Imagine that in front of you slow cooker. Works well, regularly produces various cereals. Nobody will come to ask the slow cooker about her feelings, future plans, ideas. Still works — just click on the buttons and all.

Well, at the beginning of the manual read, where to fill and where to click. If suddenly broke down, then or to fix or throw it away to replace buy a new one. You can, of course, upset and sad about the fact that such a great and favorite thing is no longer functioning — but it would be extremely strange if you attended to the experiences of most crock pots on this.

It is not strange and not surprising — to treat things as things. But, unfortunately, no more unusual that a lot of people or to themselves or to other people are treated as multivarka. Objectivist each other.

To detect the objectification is very simple. What is the object? Is any subject. It is exposed to, with him making a different kind of manipulation, it can decorate, they can admire, to make an object of worship or of contempt. He might just be lying somewhere on the ground, can fly in space or to wallow.

In General, can be a lot of objects to do. But the object can not do anything — because he has no will of his own, it's just something inanimate. He has no feelings, no desires, no motives. Just an object...

When feelings and experiences of another person disappear from sight, become unimportant — man turns into an object. To objectify is very simple.

A teenagerwho dreams of finally losing that damn virginity, and shares his desire to "fuck this Lenka", which is in love with him, and he with her — no. Feelings and experiences "Lenka" on this occasion — when will reveal that it simply used the teen is not interested. "Then what is it different from rubber doll?" Yes, nothing. And the guy doesn't care.

— Parents, have already planned the way of life of the child, without departing from his infant cradle, and his entire childhood making remarkable efforts for the adjustment of the child in accordance with the specified parameters. Feelings and experiences of the child? No, it's just a kid, what can he know or understand?

— A politician is a sociopath (and such Oh as much in the upper echelons of power, and not only state), perceiving people as "voters", moving them like pawns on a chessboard. As you know, pawns, and even larger figures can be sacrificed in order to gain an advantage on the Board. The feelings of pawns? Yes, you are crazy, as the wood can talk

Objects are of two types: functional and completely useless.

Useless objects — people, from whom nothing need, which can or even need to move or scrap it. Useless objects are denied even basic respect for their feelings: "respect have to be deserved".

With regard to the functional people, they need something, and they will even take care of exactly in the degree in which these people function can perform those tasks for which they are intended. The coffee maker immediately wash sometimes, prevention can be sent, the dishwasher also it would be nice sometimes to check it isn't clogged where?

People have in common-objects and people-functions of one — their own aspirations and desires absent in the minds of those who use objects and functions, and also the people themselves, objects and people functions of the incapable to Express their needs.

Most of the features activated with a code word "duty". Where the debt (that is, the lack of their own desires) is there a function. Sometimes there is nothing terrible. So, our relationship with taxi drivers, vendors, peddlers pizza — with any representatives of the service sector — is largely functional, we are primarily interested in the satisfaction of our needs, not the desires of the driver.

From 8 to 18 or at the time of implementation of professional activity — the function first, then a living person. However, this "partial functionality" often grows to where it has no place. On the head of his subordinates may be wondering how functions exclusively for profit, and not having their personal life.

If something goes wrong — detail replace, what's the problem? "Essential we have" and "you first deserve a good attitude" — the motto of users of functional people.

Is a function of "husband/wife" — activated the original word "debt" and subprograms "man," "the wife". Is a function of "good boy/son" and "good girl/daughter".

There is a "normal mother" and "real father". There are norms of functions: for instance, earns so much — it means that the object is working well. Sometimes you need preventive maintenance/inspection — but only for the continuation of the earnings.

Of course, that the functional approach it is necessary to calculate yield and own costs of maintaining the operation of the facility, conduct detailed arithmetic relations. And God forbid the object will require more costs than it can give out a useful product! Then why is it needed? Replace!

The human need to talk function using the following standard commands:

— You must /must not do so-and-so (You have to pay for the physical and psychological costs of your content ("FILIAL/FILIAL duty")

— Do what you want, but that tomorrow it was.

— Don't bite my head its creaking badly oiled gears ("hysteria!"). Go for prevention ("heal nerves", "go to therapy") and come back as good as new/new.

— You can not — teach, do not want that to happen.

— Be patient Cossack chieftain will (in manual is written that you should become the chieftain).

In such a relationship, when people function suddenly start to refuse the fact that they are objects, this behavior is perceived by the owners with amazement as the rise of the machines. This rebellion or to suppress or to attend to the software update/oil in the mechanism. "What you lack, with fat rage!".

Good shows the program "heroism and sacrifice" in versions of "the soldier thinks only of the Motherland", "teacher's heroism" and "you gave the Hippocratic oath!". The only thing that will do is sincerely interested in the reasons for "rebellion". Of course — defect mechanism, and mechanisms are not talking... Although I'm out, car sometimes names give that does not interfere to break up with Mary Toyota, when on the horizon loomed the handsome Misha Lexus.

The saddest thing is when people themselves objectivist. To themselves are not as living people of flesh, which is tired and requires care, but as to the maker. No wonder "and like it/do I like it?" and flipping through the manual: "how to squeeze extra power from the unit?!".

Magic activating the program "the debt"... Include the program of "Heroism" and the scan itself, the antivirus to detect malicious Trojans "selfishness", "self-care", "I'm tired" and so on. Vacation is a time to recharge the batteries, but just like.


The rights and-duties: You always have the right of choice!

What prevents men and women can be happy together

Outside object-functional world with his duty and activity is another world, the subjective-emotional. Where there are no model programs, and there are questions to another or to himself.

— Recently you often say that you feel bad... What's wrong with you and how can I help?

We're constantly fighting... What's going on in our relationship?

I want this here and this... How you look at it?

— What are your plans on a weekend/holiday?

— Let's think together...

— What you want/what do you think?

I think you're tired...

Crock pots don't get tired. They immediately break down.


Author: Ilya Lapirov


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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